This article explains how a CMMS can help Manufacturing operations management not worry about the small things going wrong.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff with a CMMS

Manufacturing operations are inherently asset intensive with assets ranging from sophisticated assembly lines to small motors. Although each manufacturing operation is different the one thing they all have in common is the ability to be shut down due to a minor part failure.

Keeping Plant Management Attention on Production

Million dollar assets can be rendered useless by the failure of a 10 cent washer, faulty valve or electrical short that may not even seem related to the high value assets. Without a CMMS based maintenance plan for all assets, manufacturing processes will have unplanned and expensive downtime.

Unplanned downtime and emergency repairs can cripple cash flow because operating margins are based upon equipment that is working. Every minute an asset is offline, is money lost due to extra labor costs to repair and unfulfilled orders.

CMMS Solution can Help Manage all Manufacturing Assets

The core of every quality CMMS is a database containing asset detail of all assets including but not limited to location, description, date purchased, cost, and install date. Once asset detail is loaded into the CMMS, the CMMScan now organize and automate the work management process.

The work management process includes work requests, inspections, and work orders as well as the scheduling of all maintenance activity including the use of predictive or other technology/methodology. Using a CMMS to schedule maintenance enables maintenance management to make sure all assets are inspected or have preventive maintenance performed on a regular basis.

Once work is completed, CMMS management reports provide a record of all maintenance history so that asset managers always know the location, condition and status of each piece of equipment. This gives plant managers piece of mind knowing that even the smallest assets are being inspected and maintained on a regular basis.