The Cable industry has seen a number of transformations over the last few years. We have seen Cable MSOs go from having warehouse management with significant CPE theft and painful reconciliation processes to Hub and Spoke distribution systems with faster yet more accurate serialized reconciliations.

The cable industry continues to grow and transform beyond warehouse management systems and into the realm of better asset and maintenance management to achieve long term sustainability. As with any industry there are numerous asset management challenges for Cable MSOs to meet.

Some challenges can be handled through technology and others require a corporate cultural change in order to increase the visibility of asset management. An Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system can help Cable MSOs accomplish both at the same time.

The New Era of Cable Asset Management featured on our sister blog Enterprise Asset Management 101 takes a look at 10 of the most significant asset management challenges faced by Cable MSOs. The article also discusses ways in which the Cable MSO can handle the challenges using an EAM solution.

Tell us your vision of Cable asset and maintenance management in the future.