Morton’s Steakhouse apparently has excellent customer service. Peter Shankman (whom you may or may not know as the guy behind HARO) recently traveled to Clearwater for a business trip.

Steak and SaaS

He tweeted he would love a steak at the airport. Morton’s actually brought him a steak at the airport. It’s really a good article to read on how to use social media for customer service.

Here’s the thing Morton’s probably has great customer service all the time… but not everyone gets a steak brought directly to them when they want it. Guess what, all of our customers get the best Customer Service. All of them. Why do I think Mintek has the best Customer Service of any cmms provider… scratch that… any software provider?

The reason we have the best customer service is our fanatical attention to tech support. Why does tech support matter so much? If you have a problem we want to help and here’s how:

  1. We are real live people and we answer the phones.
  2. We try to answer the phones within 4 rings.
  3. Ever had a hard time explaining what your problem was to someone in tech support? Not a problem for us, we’ll remote in and fix your problem immediately (on our old desktop/server software). Yes, that’s right all of our staff can fix the majority of the problems immediately without 3 hours of explanation of the problem. We almost always fix problems on the first call.

Time is money. Don’t let an under supported product cost you money. Make sure you know the terms of your support agreement before you enter into a long-term relationship with a SaaS provider.

Do you have any tech support nightmares you recall?