It has always been our goal to provide really fast access and data retrieval to our industry leading EAM CMMS and cable warehouse management software solutions. Staying on the leading edge takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Our latest upgrade includes 768 Gigabytes of RAM to make sure our customers can get stuff done faster than ever before.

In case you are like me and not a computer geek, 768 GB is 192 times the amount of RAM in my desktop computer that was purchased just a few years ago. If my PC could hold only a fraction of this amount I could zip along with every program and application open at the same time (I have a lot of them).

In case you are wondering what this much memory looks like, you can see in the photo below 768 GB looks a lot like a big box of thin chocolate bars. I guess life is really like a box of chocolates – it is getting SWEET for our clients!!!!

Let us know if you see the difference.