‘Maleficent’ Dragon Float Catches Fire at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

May 18, 2018

Kelly Potter

Kelly Potter

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A float of a dragon, representing Disney’s “Maleficent,” caught fire during the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade at the Magic Kingdom last Friday, May 11, 2018.

According to witnesses who recorded the video, posted below, the head of the dragon unexpectedly caught on fire. Disney officials confirmed the dragon float is supposed to shoot a small flame from its nose, but this time it caught the rest of the dragon’s head causing a mishap to occur.

Workers were able to quickly put out the flames and no one was hurt, Disney commented. Video of the fiery dragon head shows its mechanical mouth and neck still operating as workers tried to put out the flames.

Amusement Park Maintenance Inspections

Disney theme parks operate on a 365-day basis with park hours extending past midnight on several occasions. So when do maintenance and engineering staff have time to check every asset on their properties? Most cast members work overnight to do their inspections.

One of their many inspections listed on Disney’s Maintenance Plan includes a safety inspection. Disney, like all theme parks, is under obligation to ensure all rides run smoothly and safely and this includes the float rides.

Engineers inspect roller coasters, parade floats, stand-alone rides, and many more by walking the tracks to check for defects, completing performance checks, and carry out necessary fire, alarm and sprinkler inspections.

All facilities have accidents, like the incident at the Magic Kingdom, however, if we can avoid this issue from happening again with a preventive maintenance measure like a CMMS it is better to be safe than sorry.

By utilizing an EAM CMMS, you can track the effectiveness of each asset and make adjustments where necessary to make sure your assets are always working at the highest capacity possible.

With Transcendent, a hosted enterprise asset management system, an amusement park would be able to do the following with our system:

  • Keep engineering departments organized, efficient, and liable for scheduled maintenance tasks and daily rounds all while being able to keep track of all work performed from anywhere.
  • Prevent customer dissatisfaction by making sure your rides stay open with scheduled preventive maintenance preventative maintenance done by engineers with user-friendly, easily trainable, state of the art handhelds.
  • Help with capital expenditure costs by being able to look at the repair costs and history reports on each asset as well as improve the life expectancy of each piece of equipment.
  • Prevent liability if a customer should sustain an injury by having preventative maintenance records which can be shown by reports within the program.

Handling Inspections with a CMMS

One of the significant advantages of a quality CMMS is the ability to perform work using mobile handheld devices. For amusement parks with enormous inspection needs, a CMMS solution can load predetermined inspections type questions on handheld devices. This would be extremely beneficial to cast members on the hundreds of acres of land at the four theme parks.

Inspection type questions can be yes/no, multiple choice, comparing or taking photos, require an answer and even provide proof that the work was performed.

The staff performing the inspection answers the inspection questions using the handheld device and results are uploaded to the main CMMS for review by amusement park maintenance management. The faster response to problems identified through inspections as well as the ability to do a work request and work order on the spot means rides will have less downtime and guests will be happier.

These are just some of the benefits a CMMS can assist with at amusement parks. Guests go to Disney World for the magic and wonder, and a preventive maintenance plan can assure the guests they will have an enjoyable experience each and every visit.

Kelly Potter

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