This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Hotels to provide safe premises.

Making your Hotel Premises Safer With An EAM

Hotels have many issues to face on a daily basis from housekeeping to groundskeeping. However, every once in a while an accident occurs and a customer or staff member files a lawsuit to recover damages from injury. Winning a large damage award is tantamount to hitting a home run for plaintiffs. The good news is Hotels are not liable for every accident or loss that occurs on their premises. Many claims can be negated or even avoided if the Hotel is diligently making reasonable inspections and addressing potential problems.

“Hotels may be found negligent if they knew or should have known, upon reasonable inspection, of the existence of a danger or hazard and failed to take action to correct it and/or warn guests about it. Accordingly, hotels have an affirmative duty to inspect and seek out hazards that may not be readily apparent, seen or appreciated by patrons and guests.”

Regardless of whether or not the hotel has adequate liability insurance, there is always a financial impact for the hotel. The key to avoiding the negative cash flow drain is to ensure that the operations are making use of a preventive maintenance program that includes inspections on a regular basis.

Inspection Items

There are thousands of potential inspection items that a hotel should look at. Fortunately, not all items need to be inspected daily or even weekly. It is important however, that hotel maintenance staff should schedule inspections on a periodic basis. For example:

  • Major items (quarterly, semi-annually, annual) includes roofs, HVAC, pools, elevators, drainage areas
  • Common areas includes banisters, railings, carpet, pool and pool patio equipment, gym equipment, doors, lighting etc. – daily/weekly/monthly
  • Miscellaneous repairs, many times claims come from the most obvious things such as standing water, broken equipment. Premises inspections (walk around) should be done daily for all common areas such as restroom’s (water leaks or pooled water), bar areas and pool patios for broken glass and so on.
  • Work orders should be scheduled and completed on a timely basis with preference given to items that could potentially cause injury.

Organize with the help of an EAM

Maintenance management can be a smooth, paperless routine woven into daily operations. Implementing an EAM will organize assets, work orders, inspections and preventive maintenance while making use of user friendly handheld devices. Besides the lowering of overall maintenance costs, an EAM will track the work request and inspection history of each item. Liability as a result of negligence can be proven false if the hotel can show methodical and reasonable care was exercised in addressing problems.