This article will talk about using a CMMS to help keep track Cable fleet maintenance.

CMMS and Cable Fleet Maintenance

Cable vans and trucks can be seen in every city. The operators can be responsible for subscriber installs, sales, tap audits, asset repair or trouble shooting. Having reliable transportation keeps subscribers happy and field assets in operation.

Maintaining cable fleets is not an easy task. Brakes, fuel consumption, lights, belts and even ladder attachments must all be inspected to ensure the safe and fuel efficient operation of fleet vehicles. A single accident can result in huge liability for cable companies should the vehicle be found to have a poor or negligent maintenance record.

CMMS Cable Fleet Asset Tracking and Maintenance

With thousands of vehicles to be maintained, implementing a CMMS will enable fleet managers to have an accurate record of all fleet maintenance, inspection and repair activities. This is accomplished by creating a database of all asset detail. The detail may include items such as description, date of purchase, color, VIN number, vendor, person assigned to, inspection dates, maintenance or repair work performed, results, parts used, cost and so on.

Using the information generated by a CMMS, fleet managers can then schedule the appropriate inspection or maintenance for each vehicle. As work is completed, the results are continually added into the CMMS. This information helps fleet asset managers to more accurately forecast when a particular vehicle will need replacement.

CMMS Increases Cable Operators Cash Flow

Implementing a CMMS has other benefits for Cable operators. These include, the elimination of manual work management processes, fewer unexpected repairs and the extension of a vehicle’s useful life cycle due to better care.

Automating many of the manual work management processes frees up administrative time allowing more work to be done with the same amount of resources. With more work being able to be performed, vehicles should be kept in better condition resulting in fewer repairs and last longer.

One of the largest potential benefits of using a CMMS is that a CMMS can provide proof that proper maintenance is being performed on fleet vehicles. This proof may lower liability from negligence claims potentially saving the cable operator millions in damages or increased insurance premiums.