This article will explain why Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system for keeping Data Centers cool and reliable.

EAM Systems Keep Data Centers Cool

The purpose of most Data Centers is to provide a reliable place for people and businesses to store information or run applications free from the concern of local IT constraints, weather or geographic boundaries.

To be reliable, a Data Center needs to provide:

  • 24/7/365 access
  • Top level security for hardware and access to premises
  • Uninterruptible power
  • Extremely reliable and redundant HVAC system
  • Fire suppression systems and other safety devices

Proving this type of 24/7/365 facility requires an asset intensive environment especially for hardware and HVAC systems which both must have redundancy built in should an asset fail.

Redundant systems are expensive to maintain but necessary in order to avoid shutting down a business dependent on continual access or running a web-based application that is hosted at the data center. However, Data Center operational costs can be reduced using an EAM system for asset management.

Using an EAM system for Data Centers

When implemented properly an EAM system organizes and tracks Data Center assets over the course of their useful life-cycle.

By creating a database of asset detail, Data Centers asset managers will always know where their assets are, have an accurate description and the capability to proactively schedule work management tasks (like changing a HVAC filter).

In addition, an EAM solution, enables Data Center management to review the maintenance history of each asset as well as who was responsible for the work order. This gives Data Center management the ability to:

  • Train staff, develop standard operating procedures and make more accurate capital analysis.
  • Providing better document management of contracts, blueprints and vendor information for quicker response to developing problems.
  • Lower labor maintenance costs by reducing unplanned or emergency repair or replacement.
  • Have a better handle on energy costs because well maintained HVACand other devices use less energy when good preventive maintenance practices are in place.