It’s that time of year again when good hotel maintenance management is planning for the holidays. Hotel maintenance planning is not an easy task especially in those cold weather locations; it is especially pressing for guests visiting your facility that could make or break a chance to gain or retain a customer based on how well your maintenance practices are in place.

So what goes into hotel maintenance planning? It’s kind of a loaded question, however it starts with the maintenance management team knowing the condition of all critical hotel assets and the capacity as well as flexibility to schedule preventive maintenance, inspections, rounds, and work orders.

Any essential preventive maintenance plan starts with an up to date checklist for engineers to go through and accurately assess each asset. There are several ways of keeping and tracking a checklist but the most beneficial would be with an EAM/CMMS.

Hotel Inspection Checklist

A hotel CMMS is the tool of choice for maintenance planning because it organizes assets so that inspection checklists and other work management can be more efficient and effective. Let’s take a look at the top place a checklist is most beneficial for hotels.

  • Kitchen – Maintenance planning for hotel kitchen assets can help prevent broilers and grills from failing. Not surprisingly these assets account for 50% of all hotel utility costs so keeping them in prime condition also lowers operating expenses and keeps the guests happy.

Hotel inspection checklists and maintenance should be conducted for:

  • Ovens
  • Broilers
  • Grills
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Freezers
  • Dishwashing units
  • Heat lamps
  • Fryers
  • Emergency equipment
  • Bar equipment
  • Bathrooms – Many holiday parties serve alcohol meaning many trips to the bathrooms. Bathrooms should be clean and in good working order. Typical assets to be inspected and maintained include:
    • Toilets
    • Leaks
    • Stall doors
    • Sinks
    • Cleaning and/or attendant schedule
  • Rooms – This is where a hotel or resort can make the biggest impact during the holiday season.

The top 5 hotel room maintenance issues are:

  • Noise internal and external
  • Dirty rooms including carpet bedding, fans, non-working room amenities
  • HVAC issues ranging from noise to temperature controls
  • Room smells coming from smokers, musty air, animals and mildew
  • Insects and other pests including ants, bedbugs and mice
  • Commons areas – Common areas represent the first impression of a hotel’s image that guest will have.

They also have the greatest potential for liability should an accident claim be filed for negligence. Therefore, it is important to make sure hotels are performing
preventive maintenance on assets such as:

  • Elevators
  • Parking areas
  • Safety equipment such as fire extinguishers
  • Railings
  • Carpet
  • Lobby

What’s Your Preventive Solution?

Maintenance planning needs to be more than a plan- it needs to be a solution. There are thousands of assets worth thousands of dollars making it critical to have a preventive maintenance system in place to be organized, efficient, and effective.

There are several ways to track your assets, and the one mentioned above is a checklist. A checklist too can be in many formats, but the most efficient way for an engineer would be on a mobile device.

Mobility makes it easier for technicians and more accessible at all points during the day to check asset condition, upcoming work requests, work order status, and so forth.

The ability to login to a system, see the work at hand, check off what’s completed, and even have the ability to send completed work reports to managers will save time from writing reports and filing at the end of the day.

Technicians and maintenance workers can also complete pending work, save work, and create new lists to complete for themselves and peers; the checklist process goes far beyond the general “checking” off to-do’s.

Managers can also access their work and add or comment on projects which will eliminate errors, speed up the work process, and increase communication on all levels of business.

This type of communication works on all levels from managerial to technicians and back to the customer. This holiday season make sure your team is equipped with the right technology to speed up your work order processes and keep your expenses low and customer satisfaction high.

Happy Holidays!