When it comes to investing in your operations, one of the worst things you can do is purchase your EAM CMMS software from a vendor who does not have software development as a core competency.

Anyone can sell software, whether it is through a licensing agreement, partnership or affiliate program etc… It is also possible for a company or individual to write software for a specific application.

None of this means that your EAM CMMS product is going to work well. So that wonderfully cheap price is probably going to cost you more in management time, problem resolution, maintenance staff frustration as well as increase the backlog of work orders.

“Core competencies are what give a company one or more competitive advantages, in creating and delivering value to its customers in its chosen field.”

Source: BusinessDictionary.com

These problems can cripple and even negate the positive impact that an EAM CMMS system is supposed to have. But rather than dwell on the negatives it is better to focus on the positives when choosing a solution from a vendor with a core competency in software development.

Have Trust and Confidence in your EAM CMMS Vendor

A quality EAM CMMS product from a company that has a core competency in software development is going to provide a number of benefits that just cannot be found with a low end solution.

Perhaps the most important benefit is that your company will get a partner who has a vested interest in your success. Just like the internal workings of any organization, it is crucial to have trust in the product and the people behind the product.

8 Benefits of Selecting an EAM CMMS Software Vendor with a Core Competency in Software Development

With trust and confidence in your EAM CMMS vendor, your asset and maintenance software systems becomes an integral part of your operations. This leads to other benefits including:

  1. Vendor stability and software relevance:Good software takes times to develop. Choosing an EAM CMMS that is an established innovator for asset management means that your software is not going to be obsolete in 18 months and the vendor is in it for the long-term.
  2. Professional development team keeping your organization competitive:Technology can change rapidly; good EAM CMMSsoftware is adaptable to use technology for constant improvements in asset management, work management, document management, mobility efficiencies and administrative controls.Just as important is that dedicated software professionals stay on top of their game which enables more agile software development for quicker response to changing needs.
  3. Minimal downtime:Quality EAM CMMS software is tested over and over in a real world environment to minimize the number of issues/bugs that occur. Quality Assurance is much greater when a vendor’s core competency is software.
  4. Support Staff:Support comes in several forms including implementation, training and online/telephone help. Support is also continuous. Ongoing support is not limited to troubleshooting technical issues. Support also encompasses electronic mechanisms for refresher trainings and best practices.
  5. Industry Knowledge:When software development is a vendor core competency, the industry the software is customized for is normally created with substantial industry knowledge. Your software vendor should not only have sales and support people dedicated to your company, there should be industry experts that communicate the direction of the company and act as your liaison or advocate.
  6. Ability to update:Although this may seem minor, a good software vendor will offer the capability to get updates via the web when upgrades or fixes are available.
  7. Scalability:Good asset management software should be able to grow with your company or be useable whether you have one or one hundred locations.
  8. Communication:When software is one of your core competencies, communication between asset/maintenance management and the software vendor becomes critical. Information should flow freely between client and vendor. So make sure your vendor has alternative forms of communication that goes beyond traditional emails and telephone calls such as a EAM CMMS blog or support forums.

In a nutshell, there is no such thing in today’s competitive environment as one size fits all. Your operations should be receiving the best help possible from a vendor with a vested interest in your success. If not, then it is time to look for a new EAM CMMSsystems vendor.

Having an EAM CMMS vendor with a core competency in software development keeps your organization focused on developing your own core competencies.