If you have not heard, Pinterest is the fastest growing social marketing tool around. The driving force behind Pinterest has been its use by women throughout the heartland. I first noticed it as my Facebook friends started pinning photos and posting the link for others to see.

Pinterest Use and Demographics

That was just a few months ago and it has helped make Pinterest become one of the fastest growing websites in history. Growth has been so good that Pinterest now drives more traffic to websites than Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. Not surprisingly, it has now become a vehicle for hotels and resorts to showcase their assets and bring potential guests to their websites.

Pinterest Importance to Hotels

How Pinterest can Help Hotels and Resorts

Being photo based, Pinterest appeals to those who like visual stimuli. Hotels and Resorts can take advantage of this for their marketing efforts by posting photos for a variety of uses. Some of these uses include:

  • Showing photos of new assets, changes, decorations, amenities. Keep in mind that people pin photos based upon their appeal to their websites so the link back to your website is priceless.
  • Displaying holiday themes or convention resources to encourage Christmas party bookings and business events.
  • Creating a board for brand recognition such as logos, charitable event participation or even photos of hotels in different cities and countries.
  • Demonstration of the hotel’s sustainability commitment to green initiatives such as photos of energy saving assets, grounds green with reclaimed water usage and Xeriscape landscaping etc…
  • Creating a board to encourage consumer/guest feedback such an artist’s rendition of possible changes and having people vote on them or running a contest.

The right combinations of photos and boards can improve hotel image driving more internet traffic to them creating an Internet presence far greater than their own organic marketing efforts. For this reason alone, hotels and resorts cannot afford to ignore the potential value of using Pinterest. In other words, if you are not using it already, start today! Photos should be of the highest quality.

Pin A Quote (Pinterest Accessory)

Just a quick note on this. Pin a quote is where you can post a quote to your Pinterest boards. A great way to use this is to quote a good hotel review from magazines, other websites and customer reviews.

How Pinterest can Hurt Hotels and Resorts

The positive social media marketing uses of Pinterest cannot be ignored by hotels. On the other hand, hotels must keep in mind that consumers are the greatest users of Pinterest and they can post photos of their own.

Like customer service and goodwill, years of hard work can be destroyed with a bad hotel maintenance experience. It only takes a moment for a guest to snap a photo that puts the hotel or resort in a bad light. Keeping in mind that photos that guest take can be seen anywhere on the internet and there is nothing that a hotel or resort can do about it.

Imagine a guest snapping a photo on their Smartphone of pests (bedbugs, ants, critter etc.) in their room, a disgusting bathroom, broken spa equipment, stains on furniture or water marks from a leaking roof (you get the idea). As a result, it makes keeping assets in prime condition critical for hotel management.

Mitigating Bad Publicity with CMMS

There are several things that hotel maintenance management can do to reduce the likelihood of undesirable images being posted in the Internet. First and foremost is for hotels to make a commitment to improve maintenance and maintenance planning.

Improving maintenance is easy as making sure maintenance staff has the resources needed to be proactive. Proactive maintenance practices include scheduling assets for inspections, preventive maintenance, repairs and replacements so that only unforeseen events can impact hotel image.

The tool of choice for quality hotels is computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). CMMS programs enable hotel and resort maintenance management to plan and execute maintenance activities by organizing assets in hierarchical form.

Once organized, assets can be scheduled for the appropriate type of maintenance desired. The CMMS tracks the results of all work history enabling asset and maintenance management to review trends, identify recurring issues, target assets for replacement and set up standard operating procedures for asset care.

Are you a Pinterest user? How are you using it?