One knows they have been writing about maintenance issues for too long when a visit to a well-known hotel restaurant blossomed into a quick inspection of every dining room and bar I could walk into before I sat down to eat.

Restaurant Maintenance

The evening started with a planned trip to a well known restaurant. As my party waited inside the poorly lighted guest area, I happened to look up and saw a huge hole in the ceiling. I quickly took the photo shown below.

Looking at the photo you can see missing, chipped and broken ceiling tiles. This prompted me to look around a little and when you are looking for problems you are sure to find them. Other maintenance issues I found on 4-5 minute tour included:

7 Noticeable Restaurant Maintenance Problems

  1. Scratched, chipped paint on the front desk and workstations
  2. Filthy out-of-view floor tiles
  3. Roof leak marks
  4. Furnishings that smelled like fish and smoke
  5. Waiting room benches and chairs with ripped seating pads
  6. Tables and seats being wiped down with same cloth
  7. Dust buildup on photos and fixtures

The funny thing is that I might not have noticed any of it had the ceiling tile not been missing. But I did and had I more time available I would have switched reservations to a different restaurant.

Why Hotel Restaurant Maintenance Costs the Hotel Money

I have to admit that after my inspection I was very hesitant about sitting in the dining room. I did sit down but I continued to examine the surroundings. I watched as the busboys wiped down tables, I looked on the floor around my table, I even checked the food carts for cleanliness.

Finally I looked at the table settings where I quickly found that my dinner plate had a light coating of slime/grease on it. I asked for a new plate and nervously awaited my meal. If you are wondering why I did not leave it is because I had 5 guests with me.

Unfortunately for the restaurant the damage had been done. I had already decided that I would not return again. For the hotel the costs is even higher. I also decided that if they were willing to let me eat off a dirty plate then then would be willing to let me sleep in a hotel room that was not clean. So now the restaurant and the hotel have lost 6 potential clients.

Sound harsh? Not at all, there are countless restaurants and hotels in my city. I can choose to eat and stay where I want. The question restaurant and hotel management should be asking is how many people like me have decided against eating and/or staying there?

CMMS Can Help Save the Guest before They are Lost

The key to cleanliness and maintenance is organization and consistency. To have both you need to know the location and condition of each asset in your hotel/restaurant. Once this information is known a schedule can be put in place to routinely clean, perform inspections and complete maintenance/repairs.

The best tool to do this is a CMMS system. The core programs of CMMS enable hotel and restaurant managers to have complete control over asset care. Maintenance teams or cleaning crews are assigned work using an automated work order system that not only proactively schedules their work but also allows for newly discovered problems to be added to the work queue.

Most importantly, CMMS tracks all work performed so that hotel management can ensure that proper inspections, preventive maintenance, repairs and cleaning are being done. A restaurant and hotel CMMS solution also management information such as who did the work, what was needed and the results of the work order.

With this type of information from CMMS tools, maintenance crews will have more time to address problems as well as greater flexibility in handling sudden issues. The fewer problems visible to potential guest the higher the probability they will return.

If there is a lesson to be learned here today it is that hotel maintenance from restaurants to lobby’s are noticeable to anyone who visits. With the modern and affordable CMMS technology available today there is no excuse for poor maintenance.

Just think about the potential impact of maintenance had I posted the photo above on Pinterest and identified the hotel. Tell us what you notice first at a hotel or restaurant? Is it maintenance?