This article will explain why Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for the Mining Industry.

Increasing Mining Safety with Hosted Preventive Maintenance

Mining is one of the most equipment intensive and dangerous industries in the world.
Mining equipment will vary depending on the type of mining (surface or  underground) but may include; bulldozers, trucks, crushers, earthmovers, pumps, lighting, and other drilling and blasting equipment. Also important is equipment designed to protect the safety of the miners such as air handlers, ventilation shafts, fans, headgear, gas sensing devices. Despite the advances of technology mining disasters continue to occur and frequently make headlines. Keeping mining equipment operating is not just an efficiency concern but is crucial in life and death situations.

Equipment repair and maintenance is crucial to efficient and safe mining. The physical nature of the industry ( moving rocks, soil, dust, etc.) causes tremendous wear and tear on equipment.  Much of the equipment is of high dollar value and therefore needs to be operating at full capacity when needed.

“A lot of mines took advantage of the down turn in production requirements to proactively undertake preventative maintenance on their high valued, revenue producing assets.”

HMG Hardchrome CEO, Lincoln Gibbons

EAM Features

Miners risk their lives every day through exposure to dangerous gasses or the use of equipment that can crush or maim. Risks are further increased if a mine becomes inactive due to weather conditions and equipment rusts or freezes. The liability of poorly maintained facilities or equipment can bankrupt a company. Preventive maintenance is not an option it is a requirement.

hosted preventive maintenance solution can help you: