This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Next Generation Nuclear Plants (NGNPs).

Why Nuclear Power Plants needs an EAM to maintain energy efficiencies

The production of nuclear energy also produces enormous amounts of wasted heat that ultimately adds to the nation’s carbon footprint. Redesigning the process so that this heat is converted back into electrical energy is now under development. Next Generation Nuclear Plants (NGNPs) are expected to put a significant bite into the reduction of greenhouse gasses and at the same time operate much more efficiently. As energy costs continue to rise, it is important that plants operate with the least amount of downtime.

” About 16 percent of the Nation’s greenhouse gas emissions come from industrial process heat applications. The process heat or steam generated by the high-temperature nuclear reactors could be used for highly-efficient electricity co-generation, which has the potential to help energy-intensive industries, such as petrochemical producers, reduce carbon dioxide emissions.” Source: U.S. Department of Energy

Maintaining the designed power plant efficiencies and minimizing downtime requires continual inspections and maintenance of equipment.

Maintenance is the Key to Energy Efficiency

Nuclear power plants have hundreds of thousands components.

From corrosion to a leaking valve any number of items can force an unexpected shutdown of the plant. Regular scheduled inspections andpreventive maintenance will play a key role in identifying problems before they force downtime. Given the physical size of NGNPs, it is also crucial that inspections and maintenance management be organized and scheduled to maximize effectiveness and maintain labor efficiencies. An EAM is the perfect solution for NGNP maintenance management.

How an EAM decreases downtime

Implementing an EAM early in development will enable plant managers to track assets from planning to retirement. In addition to the collection of asset detail, an EAM will enable scheduling of all maintenance management and record the results so that a complete work history is maintained. This database of information enables plant managers to increase proactive maintenance at the most convenient times as well as identify potential show stoppers before they result in production declines. When integrated with mobile handheld devices an EAM work orders can be transmitted and responded to electronically reducing the paper flow and the need for person to person meetings.

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