Sports stadiums and arenas require good maintenance planning and execution in order to be effective. This is because good maintenance planning and execution can trim 15-30% off operating expenses which flows directly to the bottom line.

Sports Facility Maintenance Planning Objectives

One of the keys to better sports facility maintenance planning is to set measurable objectives so that progress during a set period can be monitored. Objectives should be reasonable and show a progression of improvement in critical areas.

Selected CMMS Targeted Maintenance Objectives

Maintenance objectives at the start of a planning period may be general in nature. Experience maintenance managers will make use of a CMMSsolution with general objectives that are used to affect change in procedures or methods. Some general type objectives may include:

  • Decreasing the amount of work orders that are backlogged by 30%. This can be done using CMMS to automate the work requests and work order processes.
  • Changing the ratio of proactive maintenance work as compared to unplanned or emergency work orders to greater than 50%. Lowering the backlog will free up resources for preventive maintenance, rounds and other activities that work to prevent surprises.
  • Organizing assets for the effective scheduling of work orders. This means knowing where all assets are as well as their current condition using a CMMS system.
  • Inspections of all assets on a regularly scheduled basis. This will give maintenance management a heads up on any potential problems early on so that they may be scheduled for work before the problem blossoms into an emergency repair or replacement situation.
  • Eliminate overtime. Eliminating overtime can be achieved much easier with a CMMS program as manual processes are minimized and preventive maintenance reduces the amount of time consuming repairs thus increasing labor flexibility to handled unplanned work during normal work hours.

As you can see the key to better sports stadium maintenance planning is essentially the ability to get organized, reduce manual processes and scheduling work. These three areas will allow maintenance management to allocate resources more efficiently and effectively.

CMMS Energy Savings Benefits for Sports Stadiums and Arenas

Reducing labor costs and repairs are not the only benefits of a Sports Stadium CMMS program. Another important effect of proactive maintenance planning and execution is lower energy costs.

For stadiums and arenas that must heat or cool large spaces (indoor stadiums) or maintain a specified playing condition (such as an ice hockey surface) energy costs savings using a CMMS system can take another 10-25% off operating expenses.

This is because when assets are poorly maintained they need more power to achieve the same results. This is seen most often with high end assets such as HVAC units, chillers and boilers. With HVAC unit for example, a clogged filter causes the unit to run longer to achieve the same temperature result.