The holiday week is upon us. Half the country is suffering the effects of terrible storms and oppressive heat and others are seeing the effect of massive wildfires. Despite it all, most of us will still celebrate Independence Day.

July 4th Checklist

We at Mintek, just want you to be safe so here is our list of do’s and don’ts for the Holiday.

Stuff to remember NOT TO DO for the 4th of July holiday week

  1. Add alcohol to the BBQ pit fire
  2. Forget you are still holding the lit fireworks
  3. Look down the barrel of a mortar tube to see why the shell did not fire
  4. Shoot fireworks out of a car muffler
  5. Aim bottle rockets at pets and people
  6. Try to add extra gunpowder to explosives
  7. It is not funny to have your pet chase its tail that is on fire
  8. Gasoline and matches do not make good fireworks
  9. Setting off an M80 in the mailbox to avoid receiving your bills is not a valid excuse for non-payment
  10. Molotov cocktails are not a real drink
  11. Bottle rockets are not a cheap substitute for jet packs
  12. Practice lighting fireworks in your home
  13. Use your mouth for launching fireworks
  14. Burn unused fireworks
  15. Forget that alcohol, gasoline, explosives and fire do not play well together!!!!!!!

But do remember to:

  • Perform inspections on fireworks show equipment before use
  • Perform inspections and maintenance on any explosive equipment being used more than once
  • Bring your pets inside as they are very sensitive to sound
  • Stay hydrated especially if you are without power
  • Respect the fire
  • Have fun
  • Remember the Patriots who risked it all so that we may enjoy independence.