This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent® makes a good CMMS solution to keep visitors in Parks longer.

Fighting Back Against Park Maintenance Backlog

In today’s economy, Parks like many other industries that are government subsidized are feeling the pinch and are having to make do with less resources. Fewer resources leads to less staff to keep up with the well documented backlog of park maintenance and infrastructure problems.

Why Visitors are not Staying Longer

One of the results of this is that visitors are staying in parks as long as they use to. There are several reasons for this including, lower disposal income, poorly maintained facilities and the fact that Parks may no longer be able to handle the same amount of longer stays especially camping.

“Yosemite National Park saw near-record numbers of visitors in 2011, but those people didn’t stick around… flooding in the late 1990s wiped out campsites and lodging that still haven’t been rebuilt. ”

Source: USA Today

One example of this is Yosemite National Park, where the maintenance backlog simply prevents overnight visitors from staying. Clearly, Yosemite Park staff are unable to keep up nor do they have the funds to maintain the park and its amenities.

Although this situation is tragic for tourists and campers alike there are some ways that park management and staff can address the situation. One such solution is to implement a CMMS system.

Applying a CMMS Solution

CMMS system cannot fix a poor economy or budget slashing nor can implementing CMMS wipe away the entire park backlog overnight. The National Park system will still need appropriations for outstanding capital expenditures.

The good news is there is a way for Park staff to make a dent in the backlog using CMMS. Some of the ways a CMMS solution helps is that CMMS will:

  • Allow park management to know the location and condition of each asset including RV hookups, trails, restroom, garbage disposal and so on.
  • Enable Rangers and maintenance staff to automate the work order process and schedule inspections, preventive maintenance and repairs.
  • Provide Park management with detailed reports of outstanding work, work that has been done and the results of all work.
  • Increase maintenance productivity with better efficiency and effectiveness thus enabling park staff to be less reactive and more proactive in order to attack the backlog.
  • Save repair dollars because there will be fewer unplanned maintenance problems.

In effect a CMMS solution helps park staff get more done with the same amount of resources. More importantly it helps park management focus their limited resources on the areas that are most important to visitors so that they stay longer again.