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EAM/CMMS news in the U.S.

EAM news in the past couple weeks focused on drone being an intricate part of maintenance industries and ways of increasing safety in the workplace.

  1. Machine Safety Hazards, Lead Overexposure Found At Ohio Steel Plant by OSHA, Republic Steel, an automotive steel manufacturer, faces $279,578 in proposed penalties from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration after agency investigators found workers at its Canton plant exposed to machine hazards and lead.
  2. How Thermal Imaging Technology Impacts Maintenance Operations by Sat Sandhu, One way or another, almost all processes reveal themselves via changes of temperatures. This makes thermal imaging a very powerful tool in various applications to determine status, by revealing apparent surface temperatures, of different types of equipment.
  3. MM: World’s 2nd Largest Offshore Wind Farm Now Operational; Longer-Lasting EV Batteries by Rachelle Blair-Frasier, In this Manufacturing Minute episode, how to extend your EV’s battery life and a look at Europe’s largest offshore wind farm.

How is Cable Changing?

Four updates in cable that revolve around wireless partnerships, wireless breaking more into cable, and how the two seem to be merging more than ever.

  1. Comcast Appears to Soft Launch First 4K DVR by Mari Silbey, On a Comcast support page, the cable operator is now referencing an Arris XG4 DVR set-top, available in select markets only.
  2. AT&T’s Donovan: Resistance to Change Is Futile
    by Alan Breznick, Big Communications Event — As far as John Donovan is concerned, companies have everything to gain from transforming their operations and adopting open source software. But they stand to lose plenty if they don’t.
  3. Verizon on M&A: Who Needs a Cableco?
    by Mari Silbey, Despite rampant speculation that Verizon could team up with a cable operator to improve its wireline footprint across the US, company executives are now hinting broadly that such a deal — specifically for cable’s fiber assets — is unlikely.
  4. Comcast Woos the Enterprise With SD-WAN by Mari Silbey, Continuing its pursuit of large and lucrative business services customers, Comcast is announcing the launch of a new “carrier-grade” SD-WAN solution today aimed at the midsize and large enterprise markets.

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