At the risk of stating the obvious, a hotel room is the place your lodgers will temporarily consider their home away from home, it is also the representation of you are as a hotel owner. Thus, making a great first impression is the aim of any hotelier and is the best way to make a lasting customer out of your guests.

To accomplish this, it’s imperative that you and your hotel maintenance staff must work hand-in-hand, and aim for near perfection when it comes to the functions and features of the room.

Therefore, you must not give your guests any reason to nitpick and complain (word of mouth can either be very constructive and helpful, or extremely damaging to your hotel’s reputation), but rather make them give praise toward your establishment.

Hotel Good Impressions Checklist

Here is a basic, but very helpful checklist for every wise and erudite hotel manager, owner, and hotel maintenance staff member to ensure the satisfaction and comfort of their hotel guests.

  • Make sure that the bed sheets, blankets and pillow cases have been cleaned, changed and disinfected:A majority of patrons only check-in at a hotel to rest, and nothing angers tired and cranky hotel guests more than a filthy bed. Instruct your staff to thoroughly inspect the blankets, pillows and sheets for any suspicious stains and smells, and change accordingly. If possible, also offer pillow menus – different pillows for people with different needs (allergic to feathers etc).
    Bed-bugs and dust mites are also a big complaint for many guests and are considered a definite sign of a dirty, poorly-maintained room. Keep those pesky problems at bay and your customers are sure to have a comfy, good night’s sleep without any complaints.
  • Maintain impeccable cleanliness and functionality in the bathroom:A lot of people are very picky and suspicious of hotel bathrooms, so it is imperative to make sure all rest rooms are regularly deodorized, disinfected and stocked with toiletries. A great hotel bathroom should also have an ample stock of pristine clean towels.
    Additionally, be sure to check if the toilets are flushing properly, if the bathtubs and showers can produce both hot and cold water and the sinks are not leaking. A dysfunctional bathroom is a turn off to even the most accepting patrons.
  • Check if all the lights, fire alarms and alarm clocks in the rooms are working:Lights must be checked regularly to see if they are twitching and are starting to dim, and should be replaced as soon as possible by the hotel maintenance staff.
    Alarm clocks must also be fully functional with regularly charged batteries for the benefit of guests on a tight schedule.
    For safety reasons, fire alarms, sprinklers, fire extinguishers and fog lights must also be checked often to prevent human casualties in the event of a fire, earthquake or any other natural disaster.
  • Maintain the integrity of locks in the doors, drawers, safe or cabinets:Safety is a major concern for many hotel lodgers, so make sure that this isn’t an issue in your hotel.
    To start, be certain that the locks in the hotel room doors are working and cannot be broken easily. Drawers, cabinets and the safe should have working locks, so guests can deposit their valuables in there without worry.
  • Check electronic sockets and other appliances regularly:Some guests bring their lives and work with them to a hotel; this means a lot of gadgets to plug in. Check to see if electric sockets are functioning well, and that you have both 110 and 220 sockets for charging cell phones, laptops, iPads, e-book readers, etc.
    If the room offers a refrigerator, it must also run smoothly when inspected in case your guests are bringing medicines or special foods that may spoil easily.

To keep a patron of your hotel happy, you simply must pay attention to the little things. It’s the little things that are essential to creating a happy customer, and just following the aforementioned tips diligently will keep you ahead in the very competitive hotel service business.