Charter Communications will do a brand re-launch of its enterprise business services in the next three weeks and announce plans for fiber deployment to commercial business.

Charter Communications will be investing to leverage the strength of the three cable companies that are now a part of Charter’s portfolio: Legacy Charter, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks and the intent to extend reach of its fiber connections.

It was also said that Charter and Comcast are gearing up to compete as national business service providers.

Pushing Fiber to Commercial Business

In a Light Reading event last week, Satya Parimi, VP of Data and Cloud products, mentioned how in the past Charter had a strategy that combined proactive buildout with reactive responses requiring its enterprise sales teams to sometimes get approval before selling to customers in some locations.

It is now reported that Charter is working to remove those sales restrictions and push fiber to more buildings where there is customer demand.

The idea is to provide Ethernet services in as many places as possible and as fast as possible in order to grab share.

Charter will also be using Ethernet over DOCSIS 3.1 except in some parts of the old Bright House footprint, Parimi said, and is upgrading things on the back-end so that customers can deal with one salesperson across the combined company.

Parimi also said The process will get more seamless starting in January of next year as we go through integration, and a large enterprise customer can come to us and we will deliver Ethernet services across the country, 30-plus MSAs, altogether.

Charter is also looking to differentiate themselves by offering customers greater visibility and control of their services through “co-managed services.” This puts more control in the customer’s hands but still having the technical help from the experts if needed.

There was also the discussion about the pressure to offer a faster service delivery of Ethernet which would lead network operators to have to do a better job at knowing their current inventory and where they can and cannot offer services.

Charter mentioned that with its new acquisitions they are devoted to cleaning up customer and network information in order to make it clearer to network operators where they have facilities and where investments need to be made.

Providers are on the side of making their customers happy, but they should also err on the side of caution with giving too much access and changing their clients expectations on how services will be delivered and how quickly.