This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Cities.

International Event Preparation with an EAM

The 2010 Winter Olympics are now underway in Vancouver. Hosting the Olympics or any major international sporting event is more than just making ready various sports stadiums and arenas. Preparation can include major infrastructure improvements in roadways, transportation, power and the cleaning up the cities facade. Larger events such as the summer Olympics or the World Cup costs billions of dollars and can be a capital planning nightmare.

“…the total for the Games and the regeneration of the East London area, is 9.345 billion.”
Source: Wikipedia

At the current conversion rate the London Summer Olympics will costs approximately $15m with some projections upward of $20 m.

The Challenge for Cities

To prepare for major events cities must have exceptional management planning tools for the construction, maintenance, inspection, repair and work order management of the needed infrastructure improvements. In addition, large scale improvements require total asset management including but not limited to vendor contracts, lifecycle projections, after event care of sports stadiums and arenas. Avoiding cost overruns and unnecessary maintenance, repair and operational costs are key factors in hosting successful events.

Why an Hosted Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM)

A hosted EAM enables city planners to manage assets from the planning stage until the assets retirement/replacement. All information is stored and accessible via the web 24/7/365. This greatly reduces the need for IT expenditures as well as significant costs reductions, greater efficiencies, better maintained assets and better budget planning. The incorporation of a hosted EAM solution should not be an option but rather a requirement.