At a cost ranging from $1 to 11 billion, new casinos are modern day showcases of technology and architectural marvel. With such an enormous capital outlay, it is imperative that casinos make use of the best of breed CMMS/EAM tools available. A CMMS/EAM system offers casinos the flexibility to manage assets, vendors, maintenance management, as well as maintain compliance with OSHA regulations.

“Good preventive maintenance plays a major role in ensuring that hazard controls continue to function effectively. It also keeps new hazards from arising due to equipment malfunction. Reliable scheduling and documentation of maintenance activity is necessary. The scheduling depends on knowledge of what needs maintenance and how often. The point of preventive maintenance is to get the work done before repairs or replacement is needed. Documentation is not only a good idea, but is a necessity in larger companies. Certain OSHA standards also require that preventive maintenance be done”

Source: US Dept of Labor, Occupational Health and Safety Administration

As an example, The CityCenter in Las Vegas will boast a 70,000-square-foot spa, 7,500-car parking garage, a fire station, people movers (trams) as well as an on-site power plant. A CMMS will not only computerized the work orders, inspections and preventive maintenance but also track the repair history and vendor performance.

Managing Assets

One of the most important functions of an EAM is the ability to help manage assets from the planning stage to the assets retirement. This is accomplished by implementing the EAM systems early in the planning process. When properly implemented, the entire history of the asset can be analyzed allowing for accurate useful lifecycle projections and their expected replacement date. In addition, a CMMS/EAM system will enable management to quickly identify where each asset is, its condition and needed action items. When used in conjunction with handheld technology, the information is available to all needed parties via the web in real time.

Vendor Management

Crucial to casino management is the cost effectiveness of vendor management. From elevators to pools to general property management, an EAM will enable casino management to ascertain vendor performance by storing contract data, repair frequency and responsiveness. Management can then review the data to make sure costs are being controlled and that government laws and regulations , such as OSHA, are in compliance. The casino not the vendor is ultimately liable for infractions.

Maintenance Management

How does one manage billions of dollars worth of assets in the most cost effective manner? The answer is the implementation of computerized systems that reduce maintenance fire fighting by identifying problems before they become emergencies or more costly replacement costs. Although there are many types of maintenance strategies including predictive and conditioned based maintenance, preventive maintenance is the most likely to identify potential problems ahead of time.

Preventive maintenance is a combination of an organized inspection of assets for potential issues plus the repair/adjustments on the same assets. Utilizing an organized preventive maintenance program will help reduce energy waste, lower labor expenses and reduce the potential for an unplanned disaster. For example:

  • Casinos use high amounts of electric and water. Keeping HVAC units in prime condition as well as fixing water leaks when they are small, stops energy from being wasted and therefore keeps the expenses manageable.
  • Labor costs are lowered because a preventive maintenance program reduces reactive maintenance, which is often overtime, and increases the flexibility of staff to handle unplanned work orders.
  • A reduction in disaster potential occurs because fewer problems are likely to go unnoticed. Most large maintenance issues start with something minor that may prevent a total failure. Good maintenance may also decrease any liability as a result of an accident because the casino can show a complete maintenance history to negate negligence claims.

Nothing looks worse than for a billion dollar casino having maintenance problems. Customers remember the lights, the fountains, the facilities and the overall glitz. Contact us today and see how we can help your casino be its best.