This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Biomass Plants.

Biomass Plants, Alternative Energy, Old Technology

Biomass energy production is one of the alternative fuels that has been touted as a potential source of energy by the Department of Energy. The lure of Biomass fuels is that it by using biofuels as an energy source in power plants our dependence on oil will be reduced.

The use of biomass as a fuel source does not change the underlying physical processes of converting heat into steam to drive giant turbines to produce electricity.

In fact, many of the same plant components remain the same such as boilers, turbines, pumps, filters, condenser and so on. Each of these components requires regularly scheduled preventive maintenance to operate efficiently.

“Main barriers to widespread use of biomass for power generation are cost, low conversion efficiency and feedstock availability”Source:IEA Energy Technology Essentials

Because conversion efficiency is low, Biomass fueled plants must keep equipment in optimal condition to maximize the possible energy output.

Asset Optimization

The key to asset optimization is to make sure the equipment being used is functioning at the most efficient levels as well as minimizing downtime. Poorly maintained equipment will consume more energy to function and is likely to fail more often. Keeping equipment running smoothly requires a variety of techniques, experience and proper maintenance management programs. Part of a good maintenance program is regular inspections, scheduled preventive maintenance and an organized work ordersystem.The benefits of such programs include significant capital and labor costs through

  • The early recognition of potential major repairs through timely inspections
  • Reduction in reactive firefighting maintenance and an increase in proactive or preventive maintenance work orders
  • Less unplanned downtime. Information collected through inspections and preventive maintenance will enhance shutdown planning when needed

The Final Piece of The Puzzle

Enterprise Asset management is more than just maintenance. It is the management of an asset from the planning stages to the asset’s retirement. By implementing an EAM, Biomass plant managers will be able to track an asset’s history through its natural Lifecycle EAM will record all work performed including why work was done, by whom, parts needed, costs, frequency of repair and then use this information to create a knowledge base for training as well as enhance capital planning.