Amusement parks are in a constant battle to attract visitors. To keep guest coming an amusement park needs to have new attractions as well as make sure their work management practices are keeping older attractions in good working order. Balancing the two objectives is difficult if cash flow is being drained by unplanned repairs.

Better Amusement Park Maintenance Frees Up Cash Flow

One way to address unwanted cash drains is to make sure that maintenance operations is well organized so that work management is proactive instead of reactive. An EAM can help amusement park owners accomplish this by automating the work order process and scheduling preventive maintenance as well as inspections on a regular basis.

Preventive maintenance reduces the probability that amusement park attractions will not be in service when visitors arrive and lowers the amount of emergency repair work orders. Inspections identify problems before they cause downtime allowing maintenance teams to address the potential problem before it becomes a big repair issue.

The combination of preventive maintenance and inspections not only lowers labor costs but it also lowers the probability for unplanned major repairs that tap into the capital reserves. In addition, the core of an EAM is a database of all asset information including location, description, vendor and maintenance history.

Using the EAM Database for Capital Budgeting and Document Control

Once the core database has been created, management reports can help identify which assets are requiring the most work and then determine when they will need to be replaced or retired. In this manner, amusement park management can use a cost benefit analysis to determine the expected useful life left of assets. Capital budget accuracy is increased and cash flow management becomes more stable. Better capital planning helps amusement parks fund new attractions.

As with any industry there are a considerable amount of documents to be managed. These include blueprints, contracts, notes, photos, work request, work orders, compliance reports and so on. An EAM enables documents to be scanned the attached or printed as needed. By scanning all documents the amount of time wasted looking for vendor or asset information is sharply reduced allowing for more faster response to problems.