I just finished watching the second part of episode one of Hotel Hell and truly regret this was two hours of my life I will never get back. The show’s premise is that Chef Gordon Ramsey goes to a distressed hotel to turn it around and is obviously trying to capitalize on the success of the Hotel Impossible series.

Sensationalism But No Substance

Unfortunately the show centers around Ramsey’s attempts to shock the audience with his limited vocabulary of bleeped out swear words. After listening and taking notes for 2 hours I can summarize the show and the abilities of the Chef Ramsey very quickly.

Seven Reasons NOT to Watch Hotel Hell

  1. The only real issues presented were the attitude of the owners who were condescending to staff and that they had no real idea how to run the hotel or manage people.
  2. Chef Ramsey’s constant use of foul language and berating of the owners/key staff was unprofessional, uncalled for and as every effective manager knows it simply does not work.
  3. Chef (It has been ten seconds and I need to swear at someone) Ramsey demonstrated no hotel management knowledge and could only address the kitchen, dining room and chef issues.
  4. There was no identification of hotel systems, no mention of hotel maintenance, housekeeping or services.
  5. The fixes included shallow and obvious things such as adding a couple of signs to tell guests where to check in or where they were going as well as a transformed bar area and a de-cluttered lobby.
  6. The main fix for the show was a redesigned menu and atmosphere to attract local clientele.
  7. My impression at the end of the show was that staff could not wait for Ramsey to leave and hope that the owners had truly turned over a new leaf.

Chef Ramsey may know his way around a kitchen but kitchens do not fill hotel rooms and given that a large amount of the show was staged in the first place I can’t help but wonder if any of the show was real.

The show certainly has no value to other hotel owners or anyone in the hotel industry. Don’t waste your time watching.