This article will explain why Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Resorts wanting to manage their Preventive Maintenance in a Hosted solution.

Increasing Resort Customer Satisfaction With An EAM

Whether you are a beach, golf, spa, theme park or any other type of resort, customer satisfaction is the key to your success. Customer satisfaction depends on the quality of the accommodations, service levels and maintaining the premises in great working order. Maintenance in a resort can be either reactive or proactive.

A hosted preventive maintenance solution will allow resort owners/managers to decrease their reactive workload and also extend the life cycle of valuable equipment and other assets. In addition, preventive maintenance is a proven method for reducing capital expenditures in resorts by increasing the life cycle of assets and the reduction of unplanned major asset failures.

The Benefits of a Hosted EAM

A hosted preventive maintenance in a full EAM system for resorts has other benefits as well. One benefit is lower liability if customers find themselves injured on equipment or premises because preventive maintenance records can invalidate claims of negligence. A second benefit is the ability to properly plan capital expenditures by looking at repair history, inspection reports and complete asset management. Third, a hosted preventive maintenance with an EAM for resorts will not have a significant impact on IT resources as the solution is hosted by Mintek with 24/7/365 access.

Resorts utilizing Transcendent for hosted preventive maintenance will find that the integration of state of the art hand held devices increases work order efficiency, tracks preventive maintenance schedules and completed work, is user friendly, is easy to train on and increases employee morale by teaching them a transferable skill set. Happy employees make customers feel good. In summary, Transcendent as a hosted preventive maintenance solution will increase efficiencies, lower reactive maintenance costs, make your employees happier, help with capital expenditure planning and track your assets.