This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Churches and Religious Institutions.

Hosted EAM for Churches and Religious Institutions

Over 150,000 churches

The 10 major church organizations on the U.S.A. account for more than 150,000 churches. Some churches have lasted lifetimes and others built from wood or prefabrication have a limited useful life. Asset Managementof churches is too often left to volunteers who lack the tools needed to extend the useful life of a church buildings or maintain them adequately.

“Asset management is an important function of managing equipment. A comprehensive inventory of all furniture and equipment, including serial numbers and value, is necessary to document any losses that might occur.”
Source: Enrichment Journal

Parking lots, pews, classrooms, lighting, plumbing, landscaping, and multi use facilities need proper care. When you add to the mix rising energy costs, decreasing contributions and a litigious society, asset management is elevated to a new level.

Defining Proper Care

Proper care can be defined as the ability of the Church or religious institution to maintain assets at level conducive to the safety of the congregation and the maximization of the useful asset lifecycle. This means timely preventive maintenance, inspections, organized work order scheduling, keeping a repair history, tracking all assets from purchase to replacement as well as complete vendor information.

Preventive maintenance and inspections reduce the amount of reactive repairs a church performs by discovering issues before they require more costly replacement. In addition, proper care will normally lengthen the use life of an asset much the same way as changing the oil in your car increase the efficiency and life of the engine.

How a Hosted Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM) helps

To achieve proper care the church or religious organization needs to have management planning tools capable of total asset management. A hosted EAM like Transcendent provides 24/7/365 data access, available via web, to any location or church official. Since the asset data is stored in a safe, secure off site location, no major IT investment is needed.

The integration of handheld devices with Transcendent enables near real time scheduling, reporting and work order processing without the need for paper or waiting for work orders to be returned to a centralized office for action. Because Transcendent manages assets from the initial planning through retirement, church managers are able to obtain significant costs reductions, greater efficiencies, better maintained assets and better budget planning. The incorporation of a hosted EAM solution should not be an option but rather a requirement.