I was reading an article earlier in the week about a construction goof in Spain and I started thinking about how many other world class goofs are around. This post highlights some of the funnier construction or maintenance photos I found.

By the way, they are called asset management failures because true asset management starts in the planning stage and does not end until an asset (building, equipment …) is replaced or retired. With proper asset management using an EAM CMMSsystem none of this would have ever happened.

Enjoy and if you have photos of something hilarious be sure to share it with us.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Asset Management Words

The first photo was the inspiration for the post. A modern skyscraper without an elevator.

Seriously? They only now realize the sides do not line up?

Hmmmmm, I am at a loss for words.

If the escalator isn’t working you can always take the stairs.

Where is the toilet paper again?

I feel safer already

This unit is not available to sleepwalkers.

No words necessary.

A thousand words are not enough for this one

Maybe the building is upside down?

Some things are just better left unexplained.

When was the error discovered?

Solution for no equipment budget – add more staff.

I am so confused.

I could put some more photos here but they would start to develop a pattern. It would seem that the biggest problem is a lack of communication between planners and contractors followed by failures to perform inspections of work in progress and lastly just sheer stupidity. I cant stop laughing at the forklift lifting the forklift with a man standing on it.