SEATTLE – Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Mintek Mobile Data Solutions, Dunedin, Fla., and Seattle-based Diversified Computer Corp. (DCC), maker of GuestWare, have formed a strategic alliance that will enable the two companies to focus on their core competencies while coordinating sales, marketing and development efforts.

“This agreement will enable us to jointly pursue new business with larger management organizations that are looking for an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and preventive maintenance/asset management solution,” says Mark Sokol, director of product marketing for Mintek Mobile Data Solutions. “Our companies are an ideal fit for one another because we have complementary products with mutual customers.”

The focal point between GuestWare’s CRM and Mintek’s Asset Management solution ultimately boils down to customer loyalty. CRM systems collect guest problems related to the facility. Asset management systems take care of the facility and its equipment. This alliance allows lodging management and ownership companies to align maintenance of the facility with the customer’s needs.

Mintek maintains the asset while GuestWare preserves the customer

GuestWare’s CRM software, available as a property or enterprise suite, includes Guest Recognition, Rapid Response, Incident Tracking, Comment Card Tracking and Facilities modules (work orders and room preventive maintenance). These components of GuestWare focus on improving service delivery, problem resolution and provide the foundation for quality management and loyalty.

Mintek is the maker of the Mintek Lodging Asset Management Suite. A part of that suite is WinTrack PM, which is designed for lodging engineering and asset managers who manage equipment at multiple properties. WinTrack PM uses barcodes for equipment identification and mobile, handheld devices for data collection. Mintek’s on-line Management Portal gives managers the ability to monitor a hotel’s preventive maintenance progress anytime, anywhere.

“It quickly became apparent with our mutual customers that Asset Management and CRM are interrelated. The opportunity for integration lies within GuestWare’s Facilities module and Mintek’s Asset Management Suite. This ‘integrated best of breed’ approach will allow both of our companies to focus on what we do best. The industry will benefit by having better software and more ways to implement that software.”

Mike Benjamin, VP of Sales for DCC

“This alliance bucks the technology trend of trying to be all things to all people,” Sokol adds. “Each of our companies has concluded that additional value would be provided to the industry by each company remaining focused on their core competencies. By doing so, we ensure that our combined products will continue to evolve and remain leaders in the lodging industry.”

About GuestWare:

GuestWare, Customer Relationship Management software for the lodging industry, is developed, marketed, implemented and supported by Diversified Computer Corp., Seattle. GuestWare’s suite of software products includes Enterprise, Guest Recognition, Rapid Response, Incident Tracking, Facilities Maintenance, Comment Card Tracking, and Communication Server. GuestWare is installed in more than 700 hotels worldwide. For more information about GuestWare, go to, or contact Mike Benjamin at (888) 504-8378.

About Mintek Mobile Data Solutions:

Mintek Mobile Data Solutions, based in Dunedin, Fla., provides asset management for the lodging industry beyond the traditional ‘property.’ The Mintek Lodging Asset Management Suite consists of maintenance, monitoring, and notification to ensure that assets are maintained properly and tracked consistently-resulting in lower equipment costs, increased visibility in asset capital planning and improved guest experience. WinTrack PM will be installed in more than 250 hotels by year-end. For more information, call Mark Sokol, director of product marketing, at (727) 734-9175, or go to Mintek.

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Mark Sokol, Director of Product Marketing
Mintek Mobile Data Solutions
727) 734-9175

Mike Benjamin, Vice President
Diversified Computer Corp.
(888) 504-8378

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Hasek Communications
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