Google and the National Security Agency (NSA) announced plans today to create a new facility management technology for use in protecting energy, oil and communication industries. The ambitious project will alert facility management, asset managers and Homeland Security to real-time vulnerabilities that could be exploited by our Nation’s enemies.

Facility Maintenance Solution Kills Two Birds with One Stone

The asset knowledge gathered with this new facility management program will be used to identify facility vulnerabilities on a real-time basis. The ambitious project with make use of Google MapsGoogle GlassEAM CMMS software and the NSA’s Suite A and Suite B cryptographic algorithms.

The collaboration between the organizations comes after the recent Department of Defense (DOD) announcement of Navy Vice Admiral Michael Rogers as the new Director of the NSA.

As part of his first set of initiatives, Rogers has announced a partnership between Google (the world’s largest information gatherer) and the NSA (the world’s largest user of private information) for the creation of a new type of facilities management program.

The new facility management solution will 1) fix the world wide maintenance staffing crisis by eliminating all non-wrench time thus reducing the number of maintenance professionals and 2) ensure that threats to our nation’s infrastructure are minimized.

If proven effective, the new facilities management program could be rolled out to every industry and protect the heart of American industrialization.

How the New Facility Management Program Works

In every industry, the people who know the most about an asset’s condition are the maintenance teams. They are trained to identify potential problems before an asset fails or needs major repairs.

However, maintenance staff does not normally look at assets that are not part of their EAM CMMS generated inspections checklist or rounds. As a result, they may overlook potential threats to critical assets.

The objective of the new collaborative effort is to use make use of maintenance staff in the field to collect vital data without adding to an already overloaded schedule.

In order to do this, Google will supply maintenance operations with a special 360 view Google Glass fitted into protective eye wear. As maintenance staff makes their rounds or perform inspections the Google 360 Glass takes photos of the entire facility interior as well as the assets being looked at.

The photos are processed by a new Google Map program to produce a 3 dimensional snapshot of the facility and every critical asset. The information is then transmitted back to NSA computers for processing.

NSA computers and analyst analyze current data and/or compare the data to prior images in order to identify potential threats/dangers. If a potential threat is found, NSA can communicate via Google Glass back to the maintenance worker or to facility management for further examination.

The NSA can also alert the nearest Homeland Security agent using their patented locating technology called trilateralization that allows real-time tracking of an individual’s location, including altitude from ground level, using data obtained from cellphone towers.

The Benefits are Undeniable

  • Photo and video documentation of assets that can be used by modern EAM CMMS systems.
  • Fewer maintenance professionals needed.
  • Faster threat analysis and response times.
  • Complete mapping of critical facilities.
  • Monitoring of suspicious activities.

The drawbacks are just as clear. There will be no privacy inside of closed doors anymore. Google Glasses record everything even if the maintenance staff is not looking directly at something.

Share with us your thoughts; will this facility management innovation be the wave of the future?