Writing about the industrial applications of asset and maintenance management software can be a daunting task when I have lost my creative hat. It is easier, however, when you can find new comrades, sources, and topics at a digital marketing forum such as the one held by Reliabilityweb.com this week.

Understanding Asset and Maintenance Management

The funny thing is, after attending the conference I realized that the difficulties I sometimes have in generating ideas are really the same reason that facility, plant, utility, property and municipal managers have in understanding how an EAM system or CMMS solution might help them.

To explain; the key in generating blog content has always been an understanding that all business operate under the same general principles of:

  • Work comes in; sales, work requests, raw materials, asset purchases or anything that signifies the beginning of the work flow.
  • Work is processed: work is done such as the production of goods or services or the maintenance of assets.
  • Work goes out the door: each business has finished goods which can be a product, service or result. This may include things such as completed work orders, amount of power generated by a utility company, a desired operating efficiency and so on.

When I forget about the workflow is when I stop generating ideas. It is the understanding of the workflow (or lack of) that prevents, maintenance and asset managers, from understanding how an EAM system, CMMS software application or predictive maintenance technology can help their operations.

There Are No Asset Maintenance or Management Problems, Just Opportunities for Improvement

In over 20 years, I have yet to run across a business that did not have an opportunity for improvement somewhere in their operations. You would have to be truly narcissistic to believe that your operations are perfect. So why don’t asset and maintenance professionals understand how technology can help them? Perhaps the answer is that they are not asking themselves the right questions.

What are some of the questions that asset and maintenance managers can ask of themselves or of their operations? The answer is; the really simple ones such as:

5 Questions Facility and Asset Managers Should Be Asking

  1. Where and what am I sinking the most money into? (overtime, unplanned maintenance, repair costs, capital budgets)
  2. Why? Is the expenditure controllable (could it have been prevented)?
  3. Where is the pain and bottlenecks located?
  4. What can I do to improve my workflow and controls? (Automation, advanced technologies, training, better maintenance management methodologies, establishing standard operating procedures etc.)
  5. Where do I go to find out more information?

The similarities between generating content and the understanding of how a solution might help, come as a result of continually asking questions in order to generate ideas. The same questions asked by facility or asset managers can be asked by sales reps, content developers, marketing professionals, operations planners, executives and CEO ‘s.

Reliabilityweb.com Digital Marketing Forum

The idea for this post came from talking to industry and marketing professionals at the Digital Marketing Forum put on by Reliabilityweb.com in Ft. Myers last week. I had been invited to be a presenter on how Blogging is Marketing Maintenance but soon found out I had as much to learn as I had to share.

We are fortunate to live in a world where the volume of knowledge that has been accumulated is just the touch of a button (mouse) away. For Facilities and plant management the challenge is having the courage and desire to find solutions to the opportunities within their organization. For solution providers, the challenge is being found.

Tell us how you generate ideas for operational improvement or for generating marketing content. If you liked this article you may also enjoy reading: