Facility Protection from Legionella

Feb 12, 2016

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Are you protected from Legionella?

Facility owners take on several jobs when it comes to their infrastructure, and water systems is one of those responsibilities. Legionella is a bacterium that causes legionnaires’ disease, flourishing in air conditioning and central heating systems. Researchers have shown that every year 4,000 people in the U.S. will die from the Legionnaires’ disease and an estimated 25,000 new cases occur. Each case is the result of exposure to a poorly managed building water system, which means that every case is preventable.

Facility owners can protect their facilities using the process of HACCP, Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point; this process identifies hazards within your water system and a control system is developed to stabilize water levels and bring it back to a safe point.

Assets typically affected by Legionella

The following are some of the most common assets affected by Legionella but with the proper preventive maintenance plan Legionella can be prevented from affecting your water system.

  1. HVAC units
  2. Pools/Spas
  3. Cooling towers
  4. Water taps
  5. Hot water tanks
  6. Outside water jets

Legionella can spread from these assets and are commonly found in hotels and large buildings causing illnesses to those who come in contact with them. An EAM CMMS can help protect your assets from being affected from this disease through inspection, repair/replacement of parts, and daily diagnosis of its lifespan and any operational changes.

How an EAM/CMMS can help

An EAM organizes the physical and fiscal information of enterprise assets on one platform, follows the work flows associated with managing assets, supports the business processes of managing the receiving, assigning, deploying, and retiring assets. From an operational perspective, it tracks the physical whereabouts of the assets, who have custody of them at any point of time, and the physical condition of the

The CMMS tracks the maintenance activities and costs for the equipment that require maintenance.

EAM tracks the entire enterprise asset portfolio, including IT and physical assets, equipment and buildings, fixed assets and consumables, while CMMS tracks a subset of that.

EAM will track the life cycle of your water system allowing staff to prepare for maintenance in the future to protect not only your assets but your consumers.

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