Last year at this time the East Coast was preparing for Frankenstorm, aka Hurricane Sandy. Fortunately for this Halloween, Mother Nature has taken a chill pill, allowing ample preparation time for facility management to showcase their amusement parks, zoos, shopping malls and other public gathering places where festivities are taking place.

For our Nation’s second largest commercial holiday, facility preparations is not just about looking good (scary), it is about safety, asset wear and tear, damage control and cleanup. Without proper preparation and maintenance planning the hordes of masked/costumed revelers can take a big bite out of profit margins.

Why Facilities and Parks Need to Prepare for Halloween

The first step in facility preparation is to understand what effect a sudden increase in people traffic can have on a facility/park. The list below gives some examples of things I have seen over the years and can be prepared for:

Ten Halloween Nightmares for Maintenance Professionals

  1. Garbage: Includes rubbish, broken items and/or piled up trash that can be a fire or safety hazard. Garbage also attracts pests.
  2. Gum/candy/other foods: Without a doubt gum and candy are two of maintenance/housekeeping’s worst nightmares. If not cleaned up quickly it can be tracked around the facility and attract insects.
  3. Carpet wear and tear and stains: Causes accelerated degradation and potential for carpet fraying which can lead to accidents.
  4. Furniture wear and tear and stains: Heavy traffic increases the probability of maintenance repairs.
  5. Accidents: Accidents involving people who are visually impaired (loss of peripheral vision from masks) or from poorly maintained assets.
  6. Damaged party rooms: Just like Christmas, heavy traffic increases the probability of maintenance repairs.
  7. Plumbing problems: Special event nights always tax the plumbing of restrooms leading to leaks, sewage backups and unsanitary conditions.
  8. Spontaneous facility decorations: It would not be a true Halloween if a facility someplace was not egged or redecorated with toilet paper.
  9. Amusement park attraction operation in the dark: Night time ride operations scare me because maintenance problems that may be visible during the day may not be seen at night.
  10. Personal safety issues: Masked people occasionally believe that they are more likely to get away with bad or violent behavior if their faces cannot be seen.

Although every facility is inherently different, the procedures for ensuring for securing a safe environment are essentially the same. It all starts with a maintenance plan for facility and park managers that includes; various inspections checklist and an organized method of scheduling inspections, maintenance and repairs.

Does it sound like a lot of work? Good! It is a lot of work. Every organization needs to recognize that without the proper tools to do their maintenance work, profit margins could easily turn red with just one accident or preventable incident.

Facility and Park Maintenance EAM CMMS

This brings us to the second step which is getting your maintenance teams the right tools. The ideal tool for handling facility maintenance and repairs should be able to provide your organization with the ability to:

  • Automate processes for receiving and scheduling incoming work requests, work orders, inspections and rounds thus drastically reducing the need for paperwork.
  • Perform work using mobile devices further reducing the need for paperwork and also increasing data accuracy as well as adding significant efficiencies.
  • Attach documents to work requests and work orders such as photos of the problem, blueprints or special instructions.
  • Track the status of all work requests and work orders so that management knows what is in the work queue, what is being worked on and what is to be done next.
  • Track results of all work performed and be able to generate reports detailing the results including the costs, person responsible, parts/materials used and explanation of work performed.
  • Produce facility management reports indicating which assets are generating the most work along with cost/benefit reports that would recommend which assets should be replaced.
  • Enable asset managers to know the location and condition of each and every asset in the organization from the smallest piece of carpet to the largest structure.

Having a maintenance system that does all of above will not only organize your assets and maintenance but it will also enable maintenance staff to work smarter increasing wrench time. The type of tool that can provide these features is an EAM CMMSsystem solution.

Applying EAM CMMS for Facilities and Parks

When EAM CMMS programs are implemented, scheduling maintenance staff to perform inspections during the Halloween festivities is a snap. Halloween inspections checklists can be generated for any desired area or asset including security cameras, bathrooms, safety equipment, doors, parking lots and so on. The inspections checklists are loaded onto a mobile device thus enabling maintenance staff to quickly ascertain the condition of assets.

Once an mobile inspection has been performed, the results are sent to maintenance management for review, prioritization, work order generation and scheduling. A work order can then be sent to the EAM CMMS user in the field for immediate action. Results are sent back to management.

Why is all this important? The short answer is EAM CMMS is very cost effective (reduces labor, repairs and downtime) and it provides detailed proof of asset care that can mitigate accident claims by showing consistent maintenance. This can negate any claims based on asset neglect.

Lastly, maintenance teams rarely get recognized for their behind the scenes efforts. EAM CMMS solutions increase asset and maintenance management visibility. Investing in the right tools for your asset and maintenance management will only help your organization’s image and profitability.

Share with us how your facility prepares for Halloween. How ready are you?