This article will discuss facilities energy management with an EAM CMMS is crucial to lowering operating expenses without reducing head count.

EAM CMMS Facilities Energy Management

Commercial buildings account for over 50% of all energy usage, which may be 10-30% of overall expenses. As fuel prices skyrocket due to the rising price of oil, the percentage of energy costs will also rise. Facility managers have two choices, either raise rents or find a way to lower energy costs.

Raising rents is not really a solution, it is a reaction that may force tenants to leave or help them go out of business during tough economic times. The solution is to make sure that energy consuming assets are maintained to run in optimal condition. This can be done with regular scheduled preventive maintenance mixed with periodic inspections.

Assets Requiring Preventive Maintenance and/or Inspections

When an asset is not maintained properly they will require more energy in order to produce the same result. The easiest example is HVAC units. As the filters accumulate dust and other particulates the amount of air flow slows down. This requires that the HVAC unit run for longer periods of time to adjust the temperature. Other facility assets that are also perform better when there is regular scheduled maintenance or inspections include:

  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • Power generators
  • Kitchen/cafe restaurant equipment
  • Elevators

How an EAM CMMS Helps With Energy Management

The key to any maintenance plan is organization and efficient execution. EAM-CMMS software provides a computerized database of all asset information where assets can then be scheduled for preventive maintenance or inspections on a set or as needed basis. In addition, by automating much of the work management process, your EAM CMMSeliminates unnecessary paper work associated with manual work orders.

EAMCMMS software not only streamlines the work management process but also enables maintenance management to accomplish more with the same amount of resources. With an EAM CMMS solution, assets will run better, lowering energy costs plus maintenance staff has more time to be proactive on other problems.

Preventive maintenance and inspections are just two of the tools that an EAM CMMS solution gives to facility managers. The database that is created through implementation is updated by each completed work order. This gives facilities management the ability to run reports that will identify assets requiring increasing maintenance and that may need to be targeted for retirement/replacement with the next capital analysis.

On top of better capital budget forecasting, the database also stores all vendor and asset document information. This includes descriptions, location, contracts, blueprints, schematics, photos and so on. EAMmanagement reports let facility managers know the condition and maintenance history of all assets at any point in time plus have a centralized resource for operations.

In some facilities, lighting is responsible for a significant amount of energy consumption. With an EAM CMMS – proactive maintenance such as installing occupancy sensors or changing light bulbs can also be scheduled.