Extreme Weather Property Management with an EAM

Apr 11, 2011

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith


This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent® makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Property Management.

Property Management Asset Protection for Extreme Weather With an EAM

Coping with weather related maintenance and repair is a year round task. Extreme drought raises airborne particulate levels clogging filters. Extreme heat cause metal components to expand and other materials or become malleable lessening resistance to contact damage. Freezing temperatures cause metal to contract, seals to leak, lubricants to solidify and water ingression. Together with storms and other natural weather events property assets take a beating.

“A typical U.S. winter will generate more than $500 million in property damage from ice dams”

Source: Mike Convery, chief claim officer for MetLife Auto & Home

Property managers can not stop mother nature but they can act to prevent damage without tapping into Reserve Study funds or other emergency funding.

It all starts with Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance begins before extreme weather arrives. Good maintenance practices always include checking air filters and hoses on HVAC equipment, clearing debris from gutters and storm drains, making sure roofing is secure, inspecting siding, roadways and railings for damage or rot and checking windows, doors etc. for weather stripping.

Why an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM)

Most non-catastrophic damage to property can be avoided by the implementation EAM. With so many tasks and assets to be cared for using an EAM will organize property management assets, automate preventive maintenance and inspections and ensure that you prepared for any weather situation. Integrating handheld technologies will further enhance operating efficiencies by virtually eliminating the paper flow normally associated with work orders allowing for faster tracking and response to maintenance tasks.

Stuart Smith

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