This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) wastewater utilities.

Why an EAM works for Wastewater Utilities

Wastewater and drinking water treatment facilities now fall under the Environmental Protection Agencies jurisdiction. Together they use approximately 3 percent of the nations energy consumption. Reducing the energy costs to operate wastewater utilities is now a high EPA priority.

“The ENERGY STAR program estimates that about $4 billion is spent annually for energy costs to run drinking water and wastewater utilities. If the sector could reduce energy use by just 10% through cost-effective investments in energy efficiency, collectively it would save about $400 million annually”Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

To address the issue the EPA has developed a set of guidelines for water utilities to follow. These guidelines can be found at An Energy Guidebook for Wastewater and Water Utilities

Guidebook lessons

Key to the EPA‘s guidebook lessons are the monitoring and measuring of energy improvement programs noting the importance of properly maintaining energy-related equipment. Given that energy equipment investment is substantial, it is critical that proper maintenance is performed to ensure these systems operate smoothly and reliably. Neglecting maintenance can lead to system failures and skyrocket energy consumption.

How an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM) Helps

Pumps, filters, spare parts, fuel and electronic monitoring equipment are just some of the components necessary to operate a water utility. Implementing an EAM will ensure
preventive maintenance and inspections are scheduled on a timely basis in order to make the necessary adjustments and repairs as well minimizing down time due to unscheduled repairs. Integrating handheld technologies will further enhance operating efficiencies and help utilities become more green by reducing paper flow.