This article will explain why Federal prison maintenance, repair and construction is best done with EAM CMMS.

Why Growing Prison Populations and Increasing Prison Age are Bound Together

Since 1980 the number of inmates incarcerated under the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has increased almost 800% to approximately 219,000.

“The growing prison population is taking a toll on the infrastructure of the federal prison system….The BOP reports that it has a backlog of 185 major (projects that cost $300,000 or more) modernization and repair (M&R) projects with an approximate cost of $370 million.”

Source: Congressional Research Service

With limited budgets, the growing prison population has been commanding the lion’s share of available monies in order to expand capacity. This has left only minor amounts for ongoing maintenance and repair problems which has created a huge maintenance backlog.

Unfortunately, the backlog is not going to get smaller anytime soon because of the 119 correctional facilities about 1/3 are over 50 years old. Without proactive preventive maintenance, our prison facilities will become unsafe, forcing many to close down.

The sad part is that building new prisons is far more expensive then maintaining them. The increased prison population is causing the premature deterioration of prison assets. Unless the cycle is broken soon, liability, security concerns, and health issues will grow to unmanageable levels.

CMMS Prison Maintenance and Asset Management Solution

There is a viable and economical solution available to Federal prisons in the form of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)- Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS). When implemented properly, EAM CMMS will enable prison facility managers to get the most out of the resources available to them by:

10 Benefits of a Federal Prison EAM CMMS

  1. Creating an asset database so that asset and maintenance managers always know where their assets are and the condition they are in.
  2. Organizing maintenance problems so that each problem is identified and given a priority.
  3. Automating the scheduling of all work request and work orders.
  4. Computerizes the work order cycle (problem identification through work performed and results), enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.
  5. Tracks all work performed and their results.
  6. Produces management reports to evaluate the quality of work, analyze work results to help maintenance management make the best repair, refurbish or replacement decisions.
  7. Reduces maintenance backlog by efficiently scheduling maintenance teams so that more time is available for proactive maintenance such as inspections, preventive maintenance and rounds.Proactive maintenance reduces emergency repairs and capital dollars needed by making assets last longer and run better. It will also reduce energy costs because the assets are working more efficiently.
  8. Sharply reduces paper flow and has the capability to roll up results across multiple prisons. This allows SOPs to be created and more importantly, it gives prison asset managers the information needed to manage their capital budget needs.
  9. EAM tools enable assets used for new construction can be managed from the planning stages through completion.

No one can guarantee any amount of savings. However, savings using EAMCMMS normally range from 10-30% for operating budgets. Additional savings will come from lower capital expenditures, backlog reduction and a reduction in overtime.

Isn’t it time your prison started using a quality enterprise level EAM CMMS?