One negative review on Yelp can cost you 30 customers, according to Laura Entis, writer for Entrepreneur. Most people are researching online prior to booking a hotel for their vacation, so how would your hotel show up in a search? Seasonal maintenance is a priority in order to make the experience for your guests a pleasant one. How do you manage your maintenance when staff is addressing customer needs?

The 80/20 rule in hotel maintenance says that 80 percent of your maintenance activities should be proactive, while the other 20 percent should be doing unplanned maintenance. Don’t leave your maintenance to chance when it comes to your customers and their reviews.

How Much Will the Damage Cost?

One bad review can cost a company 30 customers. Let’s do the math.

Allow this to sink in. Don’t just skim over it. Ten poor reviews could cost your company $90,000/year simply by not having the proper tools in place to maintain your infrastructure. Relying on paper-based tracking as a work system is not realistic in today’s world. Hotels that don’t plan and track maintenance electronically run the risk of forgetting a critical inspection or a preventive maintenance task. It’s like your parents said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

The Power of Implementing a Preventive Maintenance Plan

Two workers on the roof of a building working on the air conditioning unit.

According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, companies save between 12-18% using preventive maintenance vs. reactive maintenance. Being proactive and setting up a maintenance plan is outweighing the idea that you need to wait until it is broken to fix it.

Maintenance doesn’t discriminate. Even the smallest hotels need a proper maintenance plan to ensure accurate documentation of all records, tasks, and completions to solidify a happy stay for your clients. A proper CMMS will keep your company organized and save you money in the long run by allowing you to successfully manage your projects and tasks.

CMMS solution automates the work order process. Management will have the tools they need to proactively schedule maintenance and track results.