Keeping a lookout for technology, regulatory and industry trends can help you identify opportunities and problems for your own organization. This type of information can also provide valuable insights for better asset, facility and maintenance management.

This monthly brief will share some of the articles and tips (including our own) that may influence your organization’s asset, facility and maintenance management decision making.

Top Asset Management, Facility and Maintenance News

After a break to focus on our new website, I found myself with a lot of reading to do in order to catch up. Not surprisingly, I see a lot of the same old type of stories talking about the same old issues.

The issues that seem to gather the most attention lately (and rightfully so) are: The growing skills gap, environmental disasters resulting from poor or negligent maintenance and the facilities used for the 2014 World Cup.

The most interesting of them are as follows:

Cable, Lodging, and Other Industry Stories

Cable Industry News

The biggest news in the cable industry is the Supreme Court ruling against Aereo. The link below is the actual Supreme Court decision.

Lodging and Other Industries

From an asset management perspective, hotels and lodging industry are pretty much in a wait and see mode. The long awaited ASHRAE guidlines for hotel water systems is due later this year as are the international building codes.

A resort swimming pool at twilight

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