Keeping a lookout for technology, regulatory and industry trends can help you identify opportunities and problems for your own organization. This type of information can also provide valuable insights for better asset, facility and maintenance management.

This monthly brief will share some of the articles and tips (including our own) that may influence your organization’s asset, facility and maintenance management decision making.

Top Asset Management, Facility and Maintenance News

This month started off with a flurry of activity for all industries concerning the Heartbleed Bug that was discovered in early April. The bug which is actually a security vulnerability, puts company/client data at risk for approximately 66% of all computer systems. Any organization that still has this vulnerability is setting itself up for major liability issues. The only truly relevant article for industry and consumers is listed below.

  1. The Heartbleed Bug this article describes in detail what the Heartbleed Bug is, how it affects computer systems, how it was discovered, the potential impact to organizations and how to fix the problem.

On the lighter side, April also kicked off this year’s annual round of April Fools post. Without a doubt this year was tame compared to prior years. The post below lists the best April Fools posts and videos that I was able to find.

Other Asset Management, Facility and Maintenance Stories Include:

April was a month where increasing asset and maintenance management visibility trended heavily.

  • Lean And Beyond – Increasing The Awareness Of MRO By George Krauter, makes an excellent point that every part of MROhas an opportunity to make a significant impact in an organization, His article explains how storeroom management affects MRO and maintenance visibility.
  • Fears from an Aging and Leaky Water Infrastructure By Stuart Smith, strikes again at aging water utility infrastructure and why water asset management seems to be failing.
  • Why upgrade your CMMS/EAM? By Mike Melfi, explains why it is important to either keep your EAM CMMS software updated or upgrade to a more vibrant EAM CMMS system. His focus explains that like any other business system, new EAMCMMS versions or products can fill functionality gaps that can help asset and maintenance management operate with greater visibility and effectiveness.
  • A Dozen Maintenance Operations Questions You Should Be Asking By Stuart Smith, poses a dozen questions that can lead to improved maintenance and operations. The article further explains how CMMS can help improve maintenance accountability as part of the overall maintenance strategy to improve effectiveness.

Cable, Lodging, and Other Industry Stories

Cable Industry News

Cable industry trends in April continue to buzz about the changing cable landscape.

Lodging and Other Industries

April was a relatively slow month for hospitality industry news but the top travel trends below sums up a lot of the activity. Also trending is the continued disruptive change that Airbnb is bringing: