Keeping a lookout for technology, regulatory and industry trends can help you identify opportunities and problems for your own organization. This type of information can also provide valuable insights for better asset, facility and maintenance management.This monthly brief will share some of the articles and tips (including our own) that may influence your organization’s asset, facility and maintenance management decision making.

Top Asset Management, Facility and Maintenance News

Rosa Khutor Alpine Center

The three largest asset management, facility and maintenance stories trending this month are the all sports facility related. 2014 will showcase facilities and maintenance preparations for several major events including:

  1. Super Bowl XLVIII: No one wants a repeat of last year’s power failure and embarrassment caused by a faulty sensor. The power outage last year took stadium operators 12 minutes to figure out the problem, bypass the switch and restore power, then another 22 minutes to run the stadium’s start-up sequence.
  2. Sochi Winter Olympics: Billions are being spent on new facilities, technology and security. The games may look good on TV but they are going to leave behind a sad legacy of waste, environmental mismanagement and facilities that may not be used again.
  3. World Cup (Brazil): The short of it is that Brazil waited too long to start working on some of the infrastructure needed. Brazil is also in danger of not having all the stadiums ready. The World Cup could be a disaster in the making.

Cable, Lodging, and Other Industry Stories

The Lodge at Sea Island
  • The Truth about Net Neutrality and Cable MSOs By Stuart Smith, explains Net Neutrality and discusses how the recent Circuit Court ruling may impact both consumers and cable MSOs.
  • Best Hotels in the USA 2014 By Allison Michaels lists the top hotels in the USA providing other hoteliers an opportunity to see what is working and how they can improve.
  • 17 California communities running out of water This is an AP story that highlights the need for governments and utilities to have better asset and maintenance management. Many of the long term problems have been caused by a lack of proactive maintenance which is causing a need for more expensive repairs/upgrades.
  • Maintenance Management in the Cloud – the weather is changing By Karen Conneely, explains how asset and maintenance management is impacted by cloud computing. It is a good read especially for organizations with capital budget concerns or are exposed when unexpected downtime can wipe away profit margins.
  • Best Logistics Advice For 2014: Dump Tribal Knowledge By Tim Garcia, stresses the importance of mobility, scalability, data accessibility and automation are for increasing ROI in any industry. His article essentially describes many of the functions of CMMS.
  • 2013 Trends Recap Compiled by TFM Editorial Staff, is a good read to learn about last year’s FM trends and which ones are expected to continue for 2014. Topics include; HVAC refrigerants, use of the cloud and SaaS, lighting, energy, space planning plus other areas.
  • Winter Facility Preparation Checklist This article talks about using checklists to examine frost and water seepage that can lead to structural failure, costly repairs and large energy leaks. It is a good read for every hotel and every facility subject to the weather extremes of January.

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