This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for County Governments.

The Condition of County Infrastructure

Unlike municipal governments, County assets are spread out over a larger geographical area. The dispersion of County assets presents County asset managers with the difficult challenges of making sure they know where all their assets are as well as the condition assets are in at any point in time.

This knowledge is critical for County capital budget planning and good repair, refurbish or replace decisions. When using an EAM system, County asset managers will have all this information as well as the ability to manage assets from the planning stages through asset retirement.

Better County Asset Management with an EAM Solution

An EAM system helps County asset managers by collecting and organizing asset details such as location, description, date purchased, date constructed, cost, serial number and vendor contracts etc. and setting up maintenance schedules for each asset.

By controlling the work management with an EAM, maintenance operations are not only more efficient but all work history is collected and stored. County asset managers can then identify recurring problems, potential capital budget concerns and even set up standard operating procedures for the care of assets.

All this information enables Country asset management to have efficient and effective maintenance planning as well as accurately forecasting capital budget needs. On top of this, an EAM solution will ensure that assets last longer through better maintenance, resulting in lower labor expenses and lower energy costs.

The Country Infrastructure Impact

The long-term impact of using an EAM system centers around the extension of an asset’s useful lifecycle. When implemented properly, an EAM system will help cash strapped County governments maintain their bridges, roadways, facilities and utilities so that their assets last longer through better maintenance planning and execution.

Improved maintenance is a direct result of organizing and streamlining the work management process. Some features that an EAM brings to Country asset managers are:

  • Schedule all work orders including preventive maintenance, inspections and repairs. Scheduling work orders is one of the anchors of maintenance planning.
  • Automating the work order and work request processes so efficiency is increased through the reduction of time consuming paperwork.
  • Capturing critical asset documents that can be retrieved fast. This saves valuable time finding contractors, vendor information, blueprints and other critical documentation.

Having a well maintained infrastructure using an EAM will help attract new industry and residents increasing the tax base and revenues.