Comcast Acquires BluVector for AI Security Technology

Mar 12, 2019

Kelly Potter

Kelly Potter

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Comcast announced March 4th the acquisition of BluVector, a company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide cybersecurity protection to companies and government agencies.

With a proprietary machine-learning engine, “BluVector detects, analyzes, and contains a wide range of sophisticated cyber-threats including ‘file-less malware,’ zero-day malware and ransomware.” The two companies will work together to grow BluVector’s existing business and also collaborate on the development of new cybersecurity technologies.

“BluVector is a global leader in leveraging AI and machine learning to defend against advanced cyber threats. We’re thrilled that BluVector is part of Comcast and are excited to support its continued growth, even as we explore new opportunities to leverage BluVector technology and expertise.”

Don Mathis, GM, Growth at Comcast

BluVector also announced that Eric Malawer, leader with two years’ experience in data analytics, AI (artificial intelligence), national intelligence, and digital security, has been named CEO of BluVector and will lead the company as it continues to grow as part of Comcast.

BluVector’s founding CEO Kris Lovejoy, who recently left BluVector to become the global cybersecurity leader of professional services firm EY, will continue to serve as an advisor and consultant to BluVector and Comcast.

Comcast Chief Information Security Officer, Noopur Davis will lead the process of identifying opportunities to leverage the companies’ combined technology and expertise to support new products and initiatives for customers.

BluVector will operate as a standalone business within Comcast, an operational structure that appears to share some similarities with MachineQ, the Comcast-owned industrial IoT company.

In addition to moving into a new business arena, Comcast also gets its hands on some intellectual property. BluVector notched a patent focused on malware identification late 2017 which describes machine learning practices in conjunction with malware detection.

This acquisition will quickly position Comcast above its competition and put itself on the map for AI technology and advancements in that field.

Kelly Potter

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