Maintenance management always seems to take the blame when something goes wrong. Facilities clients may complain about the HVAC or parking garages, lighting, elevators and so on. But let us gives these guys a break. They are doing the best they can with the resources they have.

Recognizing Maintenance and Maintenance Management

So with Christmas just around the corner, let us take a look at the positive experiences in life maintenance teams bring to you. They may seem trivial but it is the little things that maintenance teams do for facilities and tenants that should be recognized.

Maintenance Impact on Your Life

Are you thinking that you have nothing to be thank maintenance for? For most facility users which may include tenants or other departments such as Sales or Accounting, good maintenance may seem invisible. Simply put, if you don’t notice maintenance they are doing a great job.

However, take a look at the list below for how facility maintenanceimpacts your daily lives and if I am missing anything let me know.

Maintenance Gifts the Year Round

  1. Heat during winter, A/C during the summer. There are always people who complain it is either too cold or too hot. But this is generally a technology or internal issues. The smile is because this winter you know that when you go inside a facility you are going to be warm again.
  2. Clean and working restrooms. There is always a working bathroom that you can use. If you think about how many times you use a restroom in a day or week the job maintenance crews do is amazing.
  3. Elevators. Granted some elevators are slower than others but if you had to walk multiple flights of stairs every day you probably would not be happy. Maintenance either performs elevator
    inspections and repairs or manages the elevator vendors.
  4. Parking Garages/areas. Maintenance keeps parking areas clear of debris and other hazards. This minimizes surprise damage to vehicles and flat tires etc.
  5. Clean and safe common areas. Whether it is an indoor gathering place, benches or an outdoor deck,
    preventive maintenance makes sure that railings, seats and tables are safe and secure.
  6. Safety equipment. Do you feel safe in your facility? Are you confident that in case of an emergency safety and emergency equipment will function properly? Chances are if you do not think about it – you can thank maintenance for making this a non-issue.
  7. Plumbing. From office sinks to restrooms, facility maintenance maintains pipes, keeps them clean, repairs leaks, addresses corrosion problems and makes sure there is both hot and cold water.
  8. Power for kitchens, coffee, refrigerators and vendor shops. Do you get your day at the office or plant started with a hot cup of tea or coffee or perhaps a hot breakfast from a facility vendor? Keeping the power flowing in an efficient manner is a critical role for maintenance management.
  9. Pest control. Do you worry about cockroaches crawling over you at work or perhaps ants in the break areas. Pests results from poorly maintained facilities where moisture and other factors attract them. No pest issue – thank maintenance.
  10. Emergency and other assistance. Car won’t start, perhaps someone needs help with a door or window. I have seen maintenance staff help people with all sorts of things.
  11. Lights. We all take the lights in our facility for granted. Maintenance planning makes sure the bulbs are replaced, circuits are good, hallways have lights and the facility itself is lit.
  12. Holiday decorations that make you smile. Does your facility have holiday decorations up? A Christmas tree in the lobby or perhaps some other addition to ambience to make you smile?
  13. Office equipment. Although some office equipment is covered by vendors, other equipment and the power that feeds them is handled by maintenance teams. Maintenance is the department that probably arranged for a new high voltage outlet and manages asset vendors.
  14. Assets that are in good working condition so you may be productive. In industrial facilities such as plants, water utilities, manufacturing etc. it is
    maintenance management that is responsible for ensuring that assets have minimal downtime, minimize the risk of accidents and prevent disasters.
  15. Your job. Without maintenance to keep organizations working you might not have a job to go to.

So the next time you give a Christmas card to your garbage collector or postman think about the maintenance crews that impact your daily life. If you liked this article, look for our Christmas post next week.