Daryl Watkins, Managing Director with FTI Consulting, spoke two weeks ago at the NFMT conference in Orlando regarding how the facilities management field is constantly changing and the key to keeping your employees happy and working productively is through change management.

According to Prosci, Change management is how an organization prepares, supports, and enables their employees to successfully adapt to change, allowing for the individual to be more successful within the company.

Let’s take a look at some key tips to implementing your own change management plan.

  1. Evaluate your company
  2. Find right influencers
  3. Efficient approach
  4. Emotional committment

These are the stepping stones to honing in on your company’s core goals and how to implement change properly to affect your employees in a positive way; you should also evaluate how your employees react to change to make it a smooth transition.

What makes employees commit to work?

While each work place is unique there are some things a company can do to earn employee commitment.

  1. On-boarding program – When hiring an employee make sure you have a good onboarding program that will enable them to start off in the company on a good note with the correct knowledge that will enable them to do their job correctly.
  2. Advancement – Make sure there are opportunities for employees to grow otherwise productivity and creativity may start to dwindle.
  3. Feedback – Conduct reviews or provide feedback to employees, so they know at all times where they stand in their position and the company as a whole.
  4. Culture – Build a culture in your company that promotes positive social interaction, according to Globoforce’s Fall 2014 Report, 21 percent of employees are less likely to leave once they have formed strong relationships with their co-workers.
  5. Assign frontline advisors – These individuals would be the ones who oversee the change management project and make any decisions on it.
  6. Define steps clearly – Make sure the plan is communicated well among all employees to show a cohesive understanding of what is expected.

Overall, your change management process should take into account the steps above to make a smooth transition for current employees and new hires. A way to make documentation and change easier is by implementing a proper EAM CMMS into your facility.

An EAM CMMS would allow you to manage your change management plans and add new steps at anytime especially when using a mobile device to track and log your information. This would be beneficial for current employees to brush up on new policies and for new hires and the on-boarding process.