This article looks at how an CMMS software can increase subscriber satisfaction by decreasing the response time to subscriber problems.

CMMS Software Increases Cable Subscriber Satisfaction

The most important cable asset is the subscriber. Without happy subscribers the value of a cable book of business declines rapidly. This is because unhappy subscribers look for alternative providers of the services they need such as video, telephone, internet and now mobile broadband access.

The need for addressing lost subscribers has never been higher as Cable MSOs have seen record lost subscribers over the last two years.

“Cable TV companies lost 2.02 million video subscribers in 2010, up 32% from the 1.53 million customers they shed a year earlier, says a Citigroup report.”
Reinhardt Krause for Investors Business Daily

How much of the subscriber losses are due to economics or cord cutting has not been determined.

Increasing Subscriber Satisfaction

When a subscriber leaves over price it is considered a controllable loss. A controllable loss is a lost subscriber that had a choice to stay or go and left the service. Although in some cases financial difficulty may be the true cause, in most cases, price, simply means that the value of the services was no longer justifiable.

Common reasons for a loss in product/service value includes but is not limited to:

  • Slow problem resolution
  • Poor problem resolution
  • Poor service/product quality
  • Service/product did not exceed customer expectations
  • Excessive unplanned downtime or service interruptions

Some of the controllable loss reasons are directly related to the ability of customer service to handle problems. Other reasons such as slow response or unplanned downtime may be attributed to a weak maintenance program.

How a CMMS Helps Cable Maintenance

The secret to great customer service is a fast response to reported problems. CMMS software helps Cable MSOs by organize cable assets and then automating much of the manual work management processes such as work orders, inspections and preventive maintenance.

By eliminating paper flow, operations staff can reduce the time it takes to react to reported subscriber problems. In addition, by analyzing the maintenance history of assets, maintenance managers can more accurately predict which assets will need repair or replacement and
schedule maintenance at the best times.

CMMS solution has other benefits too. By having a proactive maintenance staff, assets will last longer, labor costs will be reduced and problems turn into opportunities to exceed customer expectations. Most importantly subscribers will hesitate to leave over minor inconveniences.