The devastating flood continued over the weekend in Texas, and it was reported that the amount of rainfall in May was enough to cover the entire state eight inches deep.

This catastrophe affected homeowners and numerous structures around the state; one establishment in particular, Grande Communications, discussed their struggles with the flood and ways of protecting their employees and assets.

Grande Communications, San Marcos, Texas

Grande Communications is a Texas-based broadband communications company that offers full cable services to residents and commercial customers. Their headquarters in San Marcos was recently hit by the floods causing residents in Hay County to be without cable services over the past weekend. Two buildings were flooded with about three feet of water forcing customer care and technical support workers to relocate to facilities in Austin.

Grande’s Vice-President stressed the importance of safety for their crew and customers.

The first priority has been the safety of employees, customers and the community in general, as well as the continuity of Grande services in all markets. Continued severe weather may slow some progress since the safety of employees and customers are a priority while we implement repairs. – Austin 360 News

Precautions must be taken every day to protect your staff from a flood situation. Below are just a few steps to secure employees in the workplace.

  1. Equip entries with floodgates
  2. Maintain a diesel pump on site for water extraction
  3. Educate employees on emergency evacuation
  4. Establish procedures for accounting for personnel, customers and visitors
  5. Test your emergency plan periodically and make appropriate adjustments

Facility Maintenance Management for Flooding

Natural disasters may be unpredictable, but you should always have a preventive practice in place to protect your company assets.

Here are a few steps to help your asset management service:

  1. Perform periodic inspections for erosion and schedule repairs, as necessary
  2. Schedule and perform preventive maintenance on assets that are affected by corrosion to increase longevity
  3. Check all assets located outdoors periodically before and after severe weather strikes

In order to properly gauge your asset management you need a proper CMMS . A CMMS solution can be used to issue emergency work order requests or prioritize emergency inspections checklists. This allows your company and their crew to spend more time on the maintenance floor making preparations and less time handling paperwork. It also allows tasks to be delegated appropriately, so that several technicians aren’t working on the same project.

CMMS also computerizes a record of maintenance history allowing your company to identify which assets need which sort of preparation. For example, a CMMS would allow Grande Communications to completely shut down their equipment during the Texas flooding to protect documents and assets. Inspection points will allow you to assess your assets for damage and ways to repair them effectively. It can also help post-catastrophe and scale up work orders in order of importance.

Your infrastructure is the building block towards any future growth, so maintaining it is a key element in its success; protect your assets from future natural disasters for the growth and strength of your company.