How prepared are you this summer? Each season and region has its own characteristics, but many maintenance tasks that need to be completed are the same in hotels/resorts. Seasonal resorts may not have year round maintenance staff to perform certain tasks, so outsourcing maintenance may be a necessity.

For hotels and resorts, good preventive maintenance programs that include inspections can identify problems before they result in emergency repair issues, guest dissatisfaction or a potential liability claim of negligence. Maintenance could be the difference between a returning guest or a poor review causing you to lose several potential customers.

Play or Fold?

Many hotels are continuing to put their money in either cosmetic changes or guest service improvements, such as Wi-Fi, bigger TV screens, etc., but during this season especially, hotels should be performing more proactive maintenance to protect their assets, so the question becomes do you spend the money now or wait until something happens?

It is never too late to adjust or implement a Hotel CMMS preventive maintenance action plan.

Below are the top 10 ways maintenance can help save your hotel from extreme costs.

  1. Inspection and maintenance of fireplaces, heaters, HVAC, heat pumps and any asset that provides climate control
  2. Find and seal air leaks that cause drafts and make your cooling system work overtime
  3. Install a guestroom energy management system that powers down the cooling system when guests are not present
  4. Implementing a EAM/CMMS will allow for tracking of equipment including, HVAC units, allowing reports to be sent to a staff member who can inspect and process the work order
  5. Check your lighting systems to ensure that you are not over lighting areas of your property
  6. Inspection of water distribution system for contamination, standing water, corrosion
  7. Perform inspections on pool and spa areas as well as during closing hours
  8. Perform preventive pest control during on and off seasons
  9. Trim trees and foliage around facilities and make sure storm drains are clear
  10. Install window film or other shading systems to reduce the level of heat energy entering your building

These ten maintenance steps alone could save thousands of man hours and expenses within a year by implementing a proper CMMS into your facility.

Take your facility to the next level with a CMMS

Hotels that currently have the use of a CMMS find that they are able to accomplish more with the same amount of resources as a result of the elimination of paperwork and more control over work order management. Essentially workers time is freed up to make more pertinent decisions on the infrastructure and make adjustments to the facility, as needed.

Miami south beach at night with hotel buildings

Below are the top five benefits your facility will receive under a CMMS:

  1. Establish a knowledge database of all assets, including the location and condition
  2. Ability to schedule inspections and maintenance on any asset
  3. Track work results of all work performed including person responsible, costs and materials used
  4. Provide resort management with reports that indicate the remaining expected useful life
  5. Provide documentation of asset work history that can help mitigate claims from accidents

Research shows that on average, America’s 47,000 hotels spend $2,196 per available room each year on energy. This represents about 6% of all operating costs. Imagine if we could break that number in half just by implementing a CMMS, would you do it?