After 20 years of devoted service, Kevin McConnell has announced his retirement from Transcendent Corporation as of February 28, 2019.

Kevin’s career with Transcendent has truly been remarkable. His passion for the product and his ability to cultivate and maintain relationships has been a key success to this company’s growth.

Kevin’s journey began in 1988 when he moved from Detroit to Chicago to work as a salesman at Maple Roll Leaf Inc., which was later acquired by Illinois Toolworks (ITW). Kevin spent two years in sales becoming one of the top sellers for the company; he was later promoted to Regional Manager and spent eight years cultivating his department and stayed with the company for 10 years.

Lind Hutton, current President of Transcendent Corporation, was a rep for ITW (formerly Maple Roll Leaf) at the time of Kevin’s career in Chicago, and Lind offered Kevin the opportunity to come work for Mintek Corporation in 1999 as a sales representative moving from Chicago to Florida.

Kevin started off at Mintek Corporation, now Transcendent, selling coated films and barcode hardware such as printers and scanning equipment. Then, the company expanded and developed a product in 2001 called Wintrack Points. Wintrack Points was a paperless preventive maintenance solution for the hospitality industry allowing engineers to work from a handheld device to complete their work.

Kevin, in addition to selling coated films, started selling Wintrack Points to Marriott hotels, individually, but he was a key factor in having the product presented to the VP of Engineering for Marriott Corporate, Lenny Jachimowicz. Kevin sold Wintrack PM to 200 domestic Marriott hotels in 2002 as well as other hospitality groups. Then, in 2009, Transcendent’s web-based product was installed in the Marriott properties as well.  

“Kevin and I have not only worked together for 20 plus years, we have been very close personal friends since our teenage years. His dedication to his profession has been second to none. Additionally, his personality has cultivated numerous friendships within the Transcendent organization. I will miss his presence in the office in the days to come as I know his coworkers will as well. With that said, I wish him all the best in retirement.”

Lind Hutton, President of Transcendent®

Kevin mentioned that technology wasn’t always his strong suit but developing and maintaining relationships was his wheelhouse. Kevin has met and developed relationships with many brilliant people in the hospitality industry over his career. Kevin stated, “Transcendent Corporation has been a great company to work for over the last 20 years alongside Lind Hutton, President and Jerimi Ford, CTO. Transcendent has become one of the most robust products in the EAM/CMMS industry with current growth of over 2000+ properties.”

Jerimi Ford, CTO of Transcendent® commented on his experiences with Kevin over the years. “Kevin’s charm and wit will be missed by everyone. He is a master at remembering names and faces. Whether entertaining customers or in a meeting he was sure to bring a laugh and make it fun for everyone. He has formed many strong relationships with his customers and his co-workers, which I’m sure will continue on after his retirement. I personally will miss seeing my friend in the office. I wish him the best in his retirement, he has earned it.”

“After working a total of 45 years, it will be nice to be less structured and have some time for myself and family. I plan to stay in touch with our employees and customers that I’ve cultivated relationships with over the past 20 years.”

Kevin McConnell, Senior Sales Executive

“Please join us in thanking Kevin for his years of outstanding service and leadership to this organization and in wishing him all the best in the future.”


Lind Hutton, President and Jerimi Ford, CTO