Announcing Mintek’s Redesigned Website in Mobile Enabled

Sep 4, 2014

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith

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You might have noticed that we have not had many blog posts lately, but there is a good reason for this. When you visit the Mintek website you will notice big changes designed to make your visit friendlier and easier.

Mintek Is Mobile Enabled

One of the more notable changes is a mobile friendly design that will now display our EAM CMMS, Cable, Industry and Blog pages for easy readability on PC’s, tablets and smartphones.

Now you can surf our website, read and interact in the office or in the field.

Other changes you will like include:

  • The website has 5 main areas. these are:
    1. Mintek Home Page: Explains who we are and what we do with links to more detailed information.
    2. EAM CMMS Product page: Your guide to better asset and maintenance management.
    3. Cable Products: Complete system management for cable and communications industries.
    4. Industries: Learn which industries we support and why our SaaS solutions can make your life easier.
    5. Blog: Read our latest articles covering what is important to know and real life applications of better asset and maintenance management across various industries.
  • Focused product pages: We eliminated all those pesky subpages so now you can just scroll or link down to what interest you the most.
  • A way to contact us is on every page whether you have a sales question, need support or want to know more about us.

The Use of Redirection to Save Your Favorite EAM CMMS and Cable Articles

Don’t worry all your old favorites are still there. You will not need to reset your bookmarks as we have redirected every single page since our first website.

This is huge! How many times have you tried to pull up an old blog post, article, PDF or quotation from a website only to find out that the page is no longer available? This should not happen with our new site but if you find an error, please tell me.

Regrettably, as I checked all of our links, I found that I had to remove the links to many articles from websites that chose not to use redirection during their redesigns. If a link to one of your pages is no longer available, please email me with the new correct URL and I will be happy to fix it.

EAM CMMS and Cable Content Blog Focus for 2014

The focus for the remainder of 2014 will follow current trends, events and technology. The trends are important to keep up on because competition is global and not paying attention may give your competitors an edge.

In the same light, sometimes we forget how just a little maintenance problem can impact our world. Businesses like people have a tendency to believe that bad things only happen to someone else. Yet almost everyday there is a maintenance related disaster.

Lastly, I will continue to take a look at how technology and innovation changes can and should be integrated into asset and/or maintenance management. Technology is changing at an incredible pace but change for the sake of change without proper planning is just plain dumb.

However, technology alone is not the answer to more effective and efficient operations. Much of the time, the answer is simply better organization combined with good management of staff, resources and work. Our blog will continue to look at ways to improve your organization’s ROI.Take a tour now, tell us what you think and any suggestions you might have.

Stuart Smith

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